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Traffic Signal Improvements

Post Date:10/25/2017 4:44 PM

The City of Abilene is beginning construction on selected intersections associated with the traffic signal improvements of the 2015 Bond Program.  Forty eight intersections will receive new equipment, sixty seven new signal timing plans will be installed as well as one completely new traffic signal installation at Industrial Blvd. and Maple St.  Other improvements included in this project: 

  • New hardware and software to optimize traffic signal operations—this will improve travel times, reduce delay, and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.  It will also decrease fuel consumptions for all road users.  
  • Automatic alerts sent when field equipment has issues that need to be addressed before effecting traffic flow—allowing staff to be proactive instead of reactive to field issues. 
  • Upgrading the 1960’s electro-mechanical equipment downtown to modern, digital equipment, as well as much needed upgrades to the other intersections. 
  • Vehicle detection improvements that will detect bicycles in the intersection—this will yield the ability to provide traffic data for signal adjustments as needed and allow the intersection to become more efficient by measuring vehicle demand and adjusting adaptively. It will also reduce the times when a traffic signal changes indications (colors) when nobody is there.  
  • Safety improvement by replacing old metal electrical pull boxes with new fiberglass ones as well as removing old power service and replacing with new weatherproof housings. 
  • Pedestrian head upgrade to countdown style to better communicate crossing times with cross walk users.  
  • Audible pedestrian systems to three intersections, which will include directions, street names, and visual and audio queues for crossing streets.   

City Council approved the Design, Inspection, and Construction of this project fall 2017.  Design of the project is provided by Iteris for the amount of $579,669.34, inspection of the project is also provided by Iteris for the amount of $499,392.00 and construction of the project will be provided by Siemens Industry Inc., for $1,892,747.60.  Parts for the project will be provided by Iteris for the amount of $1,151,365.00.  

Construction will start on October 26, 2017 and the project is estimated to conclude in October 2018. You can find a complete list of intersections at

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