Proposition #1



The Streets & Road Improvements project will work on approximately 130 lane miles of roadway to rehabilitate existing travel lanes, replace and upgrade drainage facilities and curb and gutter, reconstruct intersections, create new travel lanes, reconstruct existing driveways and sidewalks where needed, and upgrading signal infrastructure with improved technology.

Year 1 Projects included Judge Ely Boulevard, West Lake Road, Antilley Road, Catclaw Drive, and the beginning of utility improvements for Ambler Avenue.

Year 2 Projects began in spring of 2017, and are the continuing of Ambler Avenue and work beginning on Hardwick Road, North Third Street, South 20th Street, Texas Avenue, the Central Business District (CBD) East HMAC, South of Downtown Abilene (SoDA) Phase 1, and various traffic signal improvements.

Year 3 Projects will begin in the spring of 2018 and include Old Anson Road, Pioneer Drive, North Willis Street, Industrial Boulevard, Central Business District (CBD) West HMAC, South of Downtown Abilene (SoDA) Phase 2.

Project Status


Bid Awarded
February 8, 2018 Bid Awarded to J.H. Strain & Sons by City Council 0%
Design Process February 8, 2018 Project Design Complete 

SODA Phase 2


October 2018 Project under construction via Contract Paving Co.  90%
Design Process April 2018 Project Design Complete 

CBD West


October 2018 Project under construction via Bontke Brothers Construction Co., Inc  60%
Design Process April 2018 Project Design Complete

Part of the Central Business District (CBD) Hot Mix Project. East HMAC was completed in 2017. West HMAC will include Grape to Hickory from North 1st to North 6th.

Traffic Signals

Design Process October 2018  All Intersections from Year 2 completed. Designs to be prepared for Year 3 intersections.  
Under Construction
March 2, 2018 

Completed Intersections:
Ambler & N. 10th, Willis, Mockingbird, Old Anson Rd, Grape; Hickory & Pine

Next to be completed:
Ambler & Treadaway; Judge Ely & East Hwy 80; Pine & N. 13th; Pine & N. 10th; N. 3rd & Mockingbird

Design Process  Spring 2016 A Design Contract has been awarded to Iteris, Inc. This contract is to design all of the traffic signals and controls for all of the 2015 Bond Street projects. The design team is currently working with City Staff to design traffic signal improvements. 


Forty eight intersections will receive new equipment, sixty seven new signal timing plans will be installed as well as one completely new intersection at Industrial Blvd. and Maple St.

Other improvements included in this project:

  • New hardware and software to optimize traffic signal operations—this will improve travel times, reduce delay, and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.  It will also decrease fuel consumptions for all road users.
  • Automatic alerts sent when field equipment has issues that need to be addressed before effecting traffic flow—allowing staff to be proactive instead of reactive to field issues.
  • Upgrading the 1960’s electro-mechanical equipment downtown to modern, digital equipment, as well as much needed upgrades to the other intersections.
  • Vehicle detection improvements that will detect bicycles in the intersection—this will yield the ability to provide traffic data for signal adjustments as needed and allow the intersection to become more efficient by measuring vehicle demand and adjusting adaptively. It will also reduce the times when a traffic signal changes indications (colors) when nobody is there.
  • Safety improvement by replacing old metal electrical pull boxes with new fiberglass ones as well as removing old power service and replacing with new weatherproof housings.
  • Pedestrian head upgrade to countdown style to better communicate crossing times with cross walk users.
  • Audible pedestrian systems to several intersections, which will include directions, street names, and visual and audio queues for crossing streets.


Complete List of Intersections:

  • North 6th St & Hickory St
  • North 6th St & Cedar St
  • North 6th St & Pine St
  • North 6th St & Walnut St
  • North 5th St & Hickory St
  • North 5th St & Cedar St
  • North 5th St & Cypress St
  • North 5th St & Pine St
  • North 5th St & Walnut St
  • North 4th St & Hickory St
  • North 4th St & Cedar St
  • North 4th St & Cypress St
  • North 4th St & Pine St
  • North 4th St & Walnut St
  • North 3rd St & Hickory St
  • North 3rd St & Cedar St
  • North 3rd St & Cypress St
  • North 3rd St & Pine St
  • North 3rd St & Walnut St
  • North 2nd St & Hickory St
  • North 2nd St & Cedar St
  • North 2nd St & Cypress St
  • North 2nd St & Pine St
  • North 2nd St & Walnut St
  • North 1st St & Cedar St
  • North 1st St & Pine St
  • Ambler Ave & Willis St
  • Ambler Ave & Mockingbird Ln
  • Ambler Ave & Old Anson Rd
  • Ambler Ave & Grape St
  • Ambler Ave & Hickory St
  • Ambler Ave & Pine St
  • Ambler Ave & Treadaway St
  • North 6th & Mockingbird Ln
  • Judge Ely Blvd & Hwy 80
  • North 3rd & Mockingbird Ln
  • Pioneer & South 14th St
  • Willis St & South 14th St
  • North 18th St & Pine St
  • North 13th St & Pine St
  • North 10th St & Pine St
  • North 10th & Hickory St
  • Industrial Blvd & Maple St

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Projects Currently in the Design Phase:

  • Corsicana Ave. (Texas Ave. to Benbrook St.)
  • S. Willis St. (S. 32nd St. to S. 14th St.)
  • Vogel St. (Danville Dr. to Grape St.)
  • Leggett Dr. (S. 7th St. to S. 1st St.)
  • N. 1st St. (RR tracks west of Wall St. to Pioneer Dr.)
  • N. 6th St/Legget Dr. (N. 1st St. to Grape St.)
  • Hartford St. (Veterans Blvd. to Clack St.)
  • T&P Ln. (E.S. 11st St. to Sandy St.)
  • CBD Hot Mix (Multi-Year Project)
  • CBD Concrete (Multi-Year Project)
  • 2015 Bond Traffic Signal Project (Multi-Year Project)
  • SODA HMAC (Multi-Year Project)

Completed Projects


  • North Willis St.
  • Old Anson Rd.
  • Pioneer Drive


  • Ambler Ave. (Danville to Treadaway)
  • Texas Ave. (Dub Wright to Hwy 277 S.)
  • CBD East Repairs
  • South 20th St. (Sayles Blvd. to Treadaway Blvd.)
  • North 3rd (Willis St. to Hickory St.)
  • Hardwick Rd. (Beltway S. to Antilley Rd.)


  • Antilley Rd. (Buffalo Gap Rd. to Director's Parkway)
  • Judge Ely (E Hwy 80 to E N 16th)
  • West Lake Rd. (Ambler Ave. to Anson Ave.)
  • Catclaw (Rebecca Ln. to Curry Ln.)