Core Values

Core Purpose

We work together to build and maintain a community of the highest quality for present and future generations.

Core Values

  • Demonstrating through our actions that we hold ourselves and our citizens in high enough regard to do what we say we will do, in the timeframe we commit to.
  • Recognizing that everyone has dignity and deserves helpful, courteous, and prompt attention.
  • Consistently doing what is necessary, expected, and required, and when able to do so, exceeding expectations.
  • Possessing an unwavering commitment to do the right things right.
  • Consistently adhering to high professional and ethical standards.
  • Keeping commitments to our citizens, co-workers, and others.

  • Being open and approachable to council members, citizens, and our fellow employees at all times.
  • Treating our customers like we would like to be treated.
  • Fostering a servant's heart in ourselves and each other by conscientiously doing what is best for the community in all cases.
  • Passionately committed to serving others.
  • Helping to make our citizens' lives better.
  • Finding ways to say yes.

  • Delivering on promises made, taking personal responsibility for achieving community-minded goals.
  • Leading by example, recognizing the importance of working together to meet everyone's needs, treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  • Sharing resources and information freely.
  • Communicating regularly and honestly with council members, citizens, and employees.
  • Having a can-do attitude.
City Charter Facts

The people of Abilene are dedicated to the principle of local self-government, under law, as interpreted by the light of reason, and have established a municipal government capable of efficiently translating the wishes of the voters into effective administration as promptly and economically as possible. The first Abilene Charter went into effect in 1911.

Abilene is a home rule city. It has all powers granted to home rule cities by the constitution and laws of Texas. The municipal government provided by the City Charter is known as "Council-Manager Government." All powers of the City are vested in an elected City Council, which enacts legislation, adopts budgets, and determines policies.

The City Council consists of six Council members and a Mayor, all of whom are elected at large. Each Council member serves for a term of three years. Terms for the City Council are on a three year staggered basis such that two Council members are elected each year. The Mayor and each Council member receive a salary of one dollar per year for each year he or she serves as Mayor or Council member.

The Mayor appoints the City Manager, the City Secretary, the City Attorney, and the Judge of Municipal Court with the approval of the Council.

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City who executes the laws and administers the government of the City. The City's fiscal year begins on October 1 each year, and ends on the following September 30.

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City Hall

Abilene City Hall is located at 555 Walnut Street in Abilene. The building has three floors containing the offices for various divisions. Visitors can find the Employment Office, Risk Management, and the Development Services Center on the first floor. City Council Chambers, Administration, Office of Neighborhood Services, Public Works, and the Cashiers are on the second floor.

Municipal Court (where tickets are paid) may only be entered through exterior doors located on the northeast corner of the building, which is the side opposite Walnut street.

City Hall is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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