Texting Scam

If you receive this text:
"An important message from WIX: your benefits are pending. Please check all available resources http://Gx9.us

  • This is NOT coming from TXIN, it's a scam
  • You can see comments on this website about it: https://who-calledme.com/Number/866-202-7201
  • If any participants report receiving a text like this, delete the text and NOT click on anything

Call your local WIC clinic regarding text messages from "WIX" - Do not respond!


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  • WIC, the Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children, is an important resource in improving the health and nutrition of women, infants, and children during pregnancy and early childhood. Some of the services WIC offers include:
    • Supplemental nutritious foods high in iron, calcium, protein, vitamin C, and vitamin A.
    • Nutrition education focusing on issues such as healthy foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding, introducing solid foods to infants, and providing nutritious meals and snacks for children.
    • Breastfeeding education, breast pumps, nursing bras/pads and support on all aspects of breastfeeding.
    • Referrals to other health and social service programs, such as prenatal and child health care and other food assistance programs.
    • Pregnant women
    • Postpartum women up to 6 months after pregnancy ends (includes miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption, abortion)
    • Breastfeeding women until their infant’s first birthday
    • Infants and children up to age 5

    Pregnant women are encouraged to apply as soon as they find out they are pregnant.  Dads, grandparents and foster parents raising children are also encouraged to apply on behalf of their children.  Families that qualify for Medicaid, SNAP (Food Stamps) or TANF automatically qualify for WIC services and must show proof of enrollment in at least one of these programs.  All other families must meet the income guidelines (below).

  • Income is defined as money earned in a year before taxes or other deductions are taken out. To be eligible for WIC income cannot exceed the following guidelines.

    WIC Income Guidelines
    The WIC income guidelines below are effective June 1, 2018
    Family Size Weekly Bi-Weekly Twice Monthly Monthly Annual
    1 $432 $864 $936 $1,872 $22,459
    2 $586 $1,172 $1,269 $2,538 $30,451
    3 $740 $1,479 $1,602 $3,204 $38,443
    4 $893 $1,786 $1,935 $3,870 $46,435
    5 $1,047 $2,094 $2,268 $4,536 $54,427
    6 $1,201 $2,401 $2,601 $5,202 $62,419
    7 $1,355 $2,709 $2,934 $5,868 $70,411
    8 $1,508 $3,016 $3,267 $6,534 $78,403
    9 $1,662 $3,323 $3,600 $7,200 $86,395
    10 $1,816 $3,631 $3,933 $7,866 $94,387


    * One pregnant woman is a household of two. A pregnant woman expecting twins is a household of three.
    * For military families, certain items such as BAH & Hazard Pay can be deducted or averaged out.  Call the WIC Clinic for details.

    For over 10 household members, or if you have any income questions, call your local WIC Clinic at 325-692-1680.

    • Milk    
    • Cheese
    • Cereals high in Iron
    • Dried Beans/Peas/Lentils
    • Eggs
    • Fruit Juices high in Vitamin C
    • Peanut Butter
    • Fruit & Vegetables
    • Whole Grains such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat or corn tortillas
    • Oatmeal/Brown Rice
    • Iron Fortified Infant Formula
    • Infant Cereals
    • Baby Food
    • Soy/Tofu/Kosher options (restrictions apply)

    For 100% Breastfeeding Mothers Only:

    • Tuna/Salmon

    WIC works with local stores to provide these items.

  • Yes, WIC works. Children lead healthier lives because WIC provides supplemental foods and emphasizes nutrition education during pregnancy, lactation, and early childhood. National studies show that WIC has a positive impact on reducing low birth weight, saving on Medicaid costs and encouraging pregnant women to seek early prenatal care. Studies also show WIC participants consume larger amounts of important nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium, and vitamin C. Children participating in WIC are better immunized and more likely to have a regular source of medical care.
  • A telephone call to set up your appointment is the first step.  You will be asked to bring the following items to your appointment:

    • Proof of income for everyone working in the household (check stubs need to be dated within 30 days of your appointment) OR proof of current enrollment in Medicaid, SNAP or TANF.
    • ID for yourself and each person applying
    • Proof of where you live
    • Social security numbers for everyone in the household, if available
    • Immunization Records, if available
    • Each person applying for WIC must come to the appointment


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