Facilities Maintenance

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The Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair to all city-owned buildings. Maintenance staff include electricians, plumbers/carpenters, and HVAC technicians.

Additional services include repair and maintenance to: Parks Department baseball/softball field lighting, Rose Park Tennis Center lighting, Airport Control Tower rotating beacon light, airfield windsocks, city-owned building and pole lights, elevators/escalators, sump pumps, sewer lines, and more.

    • Work Orders
      The Division responds to an average of 200 work requests per month. Another 50-60 preventative maintenance work orders are automatically deployed through the paradigm computer system for buildings throughout the city on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.
    • Inspections
      The Division monitors the required inspections to all city-owned gas fired boilers and elevators. Other monitoring and inspections include fire sprinkler and kitchen vent hood suppression systems.
    • Emergency Response
      The Division responds to calls for after-hours service to all city-owned buildings, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Immediate after-hours service for a City-Owned Building can also be requested by calling the Fire & Police Non-Emergency Number at (325) 673-8331.
    • Equipment Replacement/Renovations/Remodeling
      The Division assists in the development of specifications to bid out major systems replacement, minor modifications to buildings for painting, room additions, major electrical components, roofing, etc. We closely monitor contractor work for accuracy and problems that may develop throughout the project. All work done by the Facilities Maintenance Division is done according to the City of Abilene Building Inspections code. Permits are obtained for work done just as required by private contractors.


    Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM-4:30 PM
    (325) 676-6082

    • Division Responsibilities
      Maintenance of City-owned buildings: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, Carpentry, Locks/Keys, Electrical, Lighting, Elevators, Pumps, etc.
    • Expanded Division Responsibilities
      Providing assistance with development of specifications for the renovation/remodel of existing City-owned buildings, organizing repairs through the use of private contractors when required, purchasing new and replacement equipment for building systems, obtaining bids for contracts for service.
    • Boiler Maintenance/Repairs
      Annual maintenance checks by state licensed boiler mechanics, and welding repairs by licensed contractors with a skilled welder
    • Boiler Inspections
      Inspections every 2 years by a licensed independent boiler inspector
    • Elevator/Escalator Maintenance
      Routine preventative maintenance. An independent elevator repair contractor is used for most maintenance procedures.
    • Elevator/Escalator Inspections
      Annual inspections, and comprehensive safety inspections every 5 years by a contractor
  • Street Lights - WTU/AEP at 1-888-216-3523

    Street Signs - Sign Shop at (325) 676-6065

    Refuse Containers - Solid Waste Division at (325) 676-6059

    Traffic Lights - Signals Shop at (325) 676-6066

    Trees - Service involving tree limbs should be made as follows:

    • Extending past the City set-back should be made to the Street Division at (325) 676-6047
    • Into power lines should be made to WTU/AEP at 1-877-373-4858
    • Obstructing the view of a traffic control device should be made to the City Sign Shop at (325) 676-6065