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Public Education

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The Public Education Office is a part of the Fire Prevention Division and overseen by the Fire Marshal. This office provides a variety of life safety lessons and would gladly work with you to create and present a program that meets the needs of your group. Please contact 325-676-6682 for scheduling and more information.

Safety City

One of the primary ways that the Abilene Fire Department is able to educate the public is through our partnership with the Melvin Martin Center for Children’s Safety (Safety City). Each year, thousands of 3rd graders from the Big Country are taught the importance of having smoke alarms, escape plans, and safe meeting places during classes in our state of the art fire house building. The building features interactive classrooms: an engine room that is home to a 1926 American LaFrance fire truck; a fully working kitchen; and a bedroom that fills with simulated fire and smoke for kids to practice escaping.

While Safety City is not open to the general public, scout and camp groups can contact the facility to schedule educational programs at 325-676-6096.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Public Education Office provides free fire extinguisher training to Abilene community businesses and organizations. These trainings can be scheduled by calling 325-676-6682 and are generally scheduled for late afternoons. The training program includes a brief discussion about fire safety, viewing of a short video identifying the types of fire and proper use of extinguisher, and going outside to practice the techniques using a water extinguisher. The training lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.

For individuals wanting to equip their home, a portable ABC fire extinguisher, available in most hardware sections of stores, is sufficient. These should be placed near possible causes of fire, such as in the kitchen or garage, in an easy to access location. Fire extinguishers are designed to put out SMALL, CONTAINED fires.

Severe Weather Programming
The Abilene Fire Department recognizes that severe weather can be a scary and stressful experience. We urge residents to prepare for and learn how to react during such emergencies by visiting*
  • Abilene residents are also advised to sign up for the Code Red emergency Alerts.*
  • If your building (home or business) has a storm shelter, please register it HERE.

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Station Tours & Engine Demonstrations

Non-profit groups and schools can schedule an Engine Demonstration, where a crew comes to your location, by calling the Public Education Office at 325-676-6682. These are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, with the understanding that the crew may be late and/or have to leave early to respond to an emergency.

Groups and individuals wishing to schedule a station tour should contact the station by calling 325-676-6676. With advanced notice, the crews can prepare a lesson or visit that meets the interests of your group.