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Citizens with a sincere desire to become involved in the Abilene community have the opportunity to serve on one of the boards of the City of Abilene. Each board member receives training and orientation to better prepare for a role as a council advisor. 

Twice a year, staff and/or board chairpersons provide the Mayor and Council a list of Boards whose members have terms expiring, a list of prospective board members, a chart of racial and gender makeup for each board, a brief summary of board functions and staff recommendations for reappointments and/or new appointments. After careful review of board information the Mayor, with Council approval, appoints and reappoints members to the boards.

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By Mail

City Secretary
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In Person

City Secretary
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By Phone

City Secretary
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Board Information


  • Creation and Purpose

    The 9-1-1 Board manages, controls, and administers the 9-1-1 district for Taylor County.

    Board Members

    • Alan Stafford, Board President
    • Don Russom, Board Vice President
    • Jeff Wyatt
    • John Bogart

    Staff Contact

    Wayne Lisenbee 
    Director of Facilities & Capital Improvements
    City of Abilene


  • Creation and Purpose

    Created by City Council Resolution August 12, 1971 under the Housing Authority Law (Article 1269K VTCS), and declared a need for a housing authority since unsanitary or unsafe inhabited dwelling accommodations ex­ist; and there is a shortage of safe or sanitary dwelling accommodations available to persons of low income at rentals they can afford.


    • Required Number:  5
    • 2 year term
    • Shall not be an officer or employee of the City
    • Appointed by the City Council
    • Removable by Council for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or misconduct in office.

    (Article 1269K, Sections 5 and 7)

    Current Board Members

    • David Mukire (Resident)
    • Dr. Tony Roach
    • James Batiste
    • Kerri Fisher
    • Vanessa Faz
    • Gene Reed (Executive Director)

    Board Meetings

    Agendas | Minutes | Website

  • Creation and Purpose

    The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of Public Health and City Council in the implementation and en­forcement of health laws, rules and regulations of the City, Taylor County, and the State.


    • 7 Member Board composed of the following:
      • 2 Qualified practicing physicians nominated by the Taylor-Jones-Haskell County Medical Society
      • 4 Laymen
        • 1 Nominated by Taylor County
        • 1 Representing the food industry
        • 2 Nominated by the City Council
      • 1 Qualified practicing dentist nominated by the 17th District Dental Society
    • Members must have been residents of Taylor County for at least 3 years prior to serv­ing.
    • Members serve 3 year terms.
    • Removal of  Members may occur for just cause, including but not limited to conviction of a felony, revocation of medical or dental license, misappropriation of funds or property, and embezzlement.
    • Director of Public Health shall be an ex-officio member of the Board and shall not have the power to vote.

    Powers and Duties

    • Recommend a qualified physician as Health Authority to the Council;
    • Assist the Director of Public Health in determining which programs the Health District shall conduct and make recommendations to City Council concerning programs, services and other public health issues.

    Current Board Members

    • Councilman Shane Price
    • Randy Williams
    • Tom Perini
    • Robert Hawley, D.D.S
    • James McCoy
    • Director of Public Health - Dr. Peter K. Norton
  • Creation and Purpose

    Established by City Council Resolution #45-2003.  The City, County, and School have a shared, vested interest in building, developing and operating attractions and venues that spur and continue growth of the educational and tourism industry for the area.  On February 7, 2004 an election was held on the PROPOSITION that stated:


    The Proposition passed with 2,318 votes cast for and 1,310 against


    • composed of five (5) directors:
    • two (2) of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City
    • two (2) of whom shall be appointed by the County Judge of Taylor County
    • the fifth (5th) director being a joint appointment of the Mayor and County Judge.
    • The directors constituting the first Board shall be those directors named in the concurrent resolutions.
    • Three (3) members of the first Board shall serve terms of two (2) years.
    • Two (2) members shall serve terms of one (1) year.
    • The respective terms of the initial Board shall be determined by appointment.
    • Thereafter, each successor member of the Board shall be appointed and shall serve for two (2) years or until his or her successor is appointed as hereinafter provided.
    • Any director may be removed from office by the appointing official or his successor in office at will.

    Current Board Members

    • Anthony Williams - Mayor
    • Downing Bolls - Taylor County Judge
    • Kyle McAlister - City of Abilene Councilmember
    • Glenn Dromgoole
    • Chuck Statler - Taylor County Commissioner
    • Staff Contact: Mike Rains
  • Creation and Purpose

    Created by City Council Resolution #60-1988.  The purpose of the Airport Development Board is to provide assistance, information and support to the Council to en­sure efficient and effective operation, development, and promotion of the Abilene Regional Airport while maximizing its growth potential.

    Bylaws amended by Resolutions #29-1989 passed 7/13/89, #4-1992 passed 1/23/92, Oral Resolution passed 9/22/94, Oral Resolution passed 9/28/00, and Oral Resolution passed 6/23/05.


    The current bylaws state as follows regarding the appointment, reappointment and number of Members:
    • Required Number: 11
    • 6 citizens of the City of Abilene.
    • 1 citizen of Taylor County nominated by the Taylor County Commissioners.
    • 1 nominee from the membership of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce nominated by the Chairperson of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce.
    • 1 nominee from the membership of the Abilene Industrial Foundation Board of Directors nominated by the Chairperson of the AIF Board of Directors.
    • 1 nominee from the membership of the Texas Midwest Community Network nominated by the Chairperson of the Texas Midwest Community Network Board of Directors.
    • 1 nominee from the membership of the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau nominated by the Chairperson of the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.
    • The Mayor, with the approval of City Council appoints all members.
    • All members have 3-year terms.
    • Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually from its official membership.

    Current Board Members

    • Joe Crowder
    • Stan Egger - Taylor County Rep.
    • Gray Bridwell - Abilene Industrial Foundation Rep.
    • Larry Gill - Chamber of Commerce Rep
    • Woody Gilliland
    • Myrna Grigsby
    • Kirk Thaxton
    • David Lynn
    • Michael Redden
    • Cindy Haley - Abilene Convention and Vistor's Bureau
    • Tammie Virden - Texas Midwest Community Network
    • Staff Contact: Don Green
  • Creation and Purpose

    Created in accordance with Article 677, effective on September 1, 1982, relating to standards for certain animal shelters and the care of animals to assist the City in an advisory capacity, in complying with the regulations of the Ar­ticle.  The initial committee was appointed on August 12, 1982.

    Resolution No. 31-2006 adopted by Council on September 14, 2006 changed the board’s name from the Animal Control Advisory Committee to the Animal Services Advisory Board.


    Section 4 of Article 677 requires that the composition of the Committee be as follows:
    • 1 Licensed veterinarian
    • 1 County or City official
    • 1 Individual with duties relative to daily operation of the animal shelter
    • 1 Representative from an animal welfare organization
    • 3 year term

    Current Board Members

    • Dr. Jack Callan - Veterinarian
    • Leah Herron - Companion Veterinary Care
    • Mirenda Walden
    • Tom Rigsby - Citizen-At-Large
    • Megan Santee - City Rep
    • Staff Contact: Mirenda Walden
  • Creation and Purpose

    Created through the City's first Zoning Ordinance #205 adopted April 12, 1946 in accordance with Article 1011g VATCS; and is granted all authority and powers provided by such Article, and Section 86 of the Charter.

    (Charter, Section 86 & Ordinance #205)


    Zoning Ordinance #28-1984 adopted on March 8, 1984, provides the following:

    • 5 citizens appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council.
    • 2 year terms.
    • 4 alternate members to serve in the absence of regular members, vacancies filled in the same manner; subject to removal as regular members.
    • Appointees serve without compensation and may not hold elective office of the State of Texas or any political subdivision.
    • Vacancy in an unexpired term shall be filled by the Mayor with approval of the Council for the remainder of the term.
    • Unexcused absences from 2 consecutive meetings without reasonable cause constitutes just cause for the removal of an official member.
    • Any member or alternate member may be removed from office for just cause or written charges by a 2/3 vote of the entire Council, following a public hearing.  Chairman of the Board shall notify the Mayor promptly of any vacancies, to be filled by Council within 30 days for the unexpired term of the original appointment.

    (Sections 23-356.2(a) & 23-356.2(c))

    Board of Adjustment Members

    • Mr. Scott Hay, Chairman
    • Col. Morton Langholtz, Vice-Chairman
    • Mr. Roger Huber, Secretary
    • Robert Beermann
    • Mark Odle


    • Dani Ramsay

    Board Meetings

    Agendas  |  Minutes

    Board of Adjustment meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month

  • Creation and Purpose

    Civic Center Advisory Board created September 12, 1970 to make recommendations to the City and Civic Center Manager as to operating policies, rental rates, concessions, planning and entertainment and social activities in the Civic Center.

    Civic Abilene, Inc., was authorized by City Council Resolution dated June 11, 1970, and incorporated on October 19, 1970, under the Texas Non-Profit Cor­poration Act (Article 1369-.01) to foster, promote, and present in City educational and cultural programs, attractions and enter­tainment of the Citizens of Abilene and surrounding area.  The Articles of Incorporation (Article IX) establish that members of the Civic Center Advisory Board shall constitute the Directors of Civic Abilene, Inc., and were formally appointed on April 9, 1970.  On April 13, 1978 the Advisory Board was abolished (Volume 20, Page 276 Minutes Record).

    Civic Abilene has the authority to sponsor or contract for programs, etc., lease the building's premises; lease and/or operate concession; and con­tract with individuals or organizations for sponsorship and promotion of specific programs or attractions.

    (Articles of Incorporation)


    • Required number:  15
    • Resident of the City
    • Ex-Officio Members (no voting powers):  City Manager, Director of Community Services, Civic Center Manager, and Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Director
    • 3 year term
    • Appointed by the City Council
    • Removal of a Director shall be effected through appointment of a successor by unanimous vote of the City Council.

    (Section 4.02 thru 4.05 Bylaws)

    Current Board Members

    • Tom Boecking
    • Vacant position
    • Neomia Banks
    • David Gist
    • Joe Alcorta Sr
    • Steven Leggett
    • Peggy Manning
    • Laura Donaway
    • Micki Wright
    • Shaun Rea Martin
    • Joe Russey
    • Charles Perkins
    • Ted Starnes
    • John Thomas
    • Mike Warren
    • Staff Contact: Audrey Perry
  • Creation and Purpose

    The Civil Service Commission is facilitated by the Director of Administrative Services. This Commission is comprised of three members. Commissioners hold office for a period of three years with Council approval. Commissioners may take official action in matters concerning Texas Local Government Code, Section 143, which pertains to Fire and Police matters, by a majority vote of its members at a properly posted meeting of the Commission of which a quorum of its members are present.

    Individuals are recommended for this position by the Police Chief, Fire Chief, or other pertinent department heads, and are approved for appointment by the City Council.


    • Randy Burchell
    • Alice Harp
    • Sandy Self

    Staff Contact

    Brenda Alexander
    Human Resources Director
    City of Abilene


  • ""


    555 Walnut Street, Suite 207
    Abilene, Texas  79601

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 60
    Abilene, Texas 79604

    (325) 734-3301
    (325) 676-6460 (Fax)

    Nicole Eaves
    City of Abilene, KAB Coordinator

    Keep Abilene Beautiful, formerly known as Abilene Clean & Proud, was established in 1986. KAB is a 501(c)(3) organization with 9 board of directors, appointed by City Council. The Keep Abilene Beautiful Coordinator is employed by the City of Abilene.

    Keep Abilene Beautiful is a Gold Star Affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful* and a Keep America Beautiful* Affiliate.

    Keep Abilene Beautiful meets the first Wednesday of every month. The meetings begin at 12 noon and last for one hour. The meetings are open and everyone is invited to attend.

    Visit Our Website

  • Creation and Purpose

    The Landmarks Commission was created in 1983 with the purpose of administering the provisions of the City Code relating to the protection and preservation of structures and lands deemed by the Abilene community to be of unique historical, architectural, and cultural value.

    Powers and Duties

    The City Council has entrusted the Landmarks Commission with the following powers and duties to carry out its purpose:

    • Review all applications for rezoning applications requesting the Historic Overlay zoning district and forwarding a recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.
    • Review and approve or deny applications for Certificates of Appropriateness for exterior work done on properties in the Historic Overlay zoning district.
    • Maintain the Abilene Register of Historic Properties, a list of properties in the City of Abilene that exhibit historical, architectural, or cultural value to the community.
    • Pursue and formulate programs for private and public action to promote and encourage the preservation of historic properties.
    • With the assistance of City staff, provide information to owners of historic properties.

    Commission Composition and Members

    The Landmarks Commission is comprised of seven voting members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. The Commission includes two residents, managers, or owners of historic properties; a member of the Abilene Preservation League; a member of the Taylor County Historical Commission; a licensed architect; a representative of the Abilene Board of Realtors; and a representative of the construction industry. The Commission also includes two alternate members.

    The current Commission members are

    • Steve Butman, Chair 
    • Jamie Dalzell, Vice Chair
    • Pebbles Lee, Secretary
    • Dr. Michael McClellan, Sergeant at Arms
    • Phil Miller
    • Frann Smith
    • Rick Weatherl
    • Sidney Levesque, At-Large, Alternate

    Commission Meetings

    Landmarks Commission Meeting Calendar 

    Agendas and Minutes (November 2016 to Present)

    Agendas (Prior to November 2016)
    Minutes (Prior to November 2016)

  • Planning and Zoning Commissioners

    • Mr. Fred Famble, Chairman
    • Mr. Clint Rosenbaum, Vice-Chairman
    • Mr. Tim Smith, Secretary
    • Mr. Mike Dunnahoo, Sergeant of Arms
    • Mr. Bruce Bixby
    • Mr. Robert Calk
    • Mr. Bill Noonan

    Board Meetings

    Current Zoning Cases, Agendas & Minutes

    Planning & Zoning meetings are held on the first Monday of each month unless it is a holiday

    Zoning Process Flow Chart

    Subdivision Process Flow Chart

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ)

    A tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) is a political subdivision of a municipality or county in the State of Texas created to implement tax increment financing. They may be initiated by the city or county or by petition of owners whose total holdings in the zone consist of a majority of the appraised property value. (Some states refer to these zones as TIF, or Tax Increment Financing.)

    TIRZ Boundary Map
    Financial Position


    Created on December 5, 2013, by the City Council of Abilene, this plan includes approximately 1,594 acres including north and south downtown areas, as well as areas in proximity to Pine Street and Ambler Avenue corridors, all within the City’s corporate limits.

    Our Purpose

    The purpose of the zone is to facilitate such development or redevelopment by financing the costs of public works, public improvements, programs, and other projects benefiting the zone, plus other costs incidental to those expenditures, all of which costs are authorized by the Act.

    How are the funds generated?

    Contributions are provided by each taxing jurisdiction (City), and is calculated by multiplying the incremental assessed value by 100% of the property tax rates of participating taxing jurisdictions.

    How to Apply

    Development Policy & Application & Documents

    Planning & Development Services
    Attn:  TIRZ
    Post Office Box 60
    Abilene, Texas 79604-0060

    For more information, call Planning & Development Services - (325) 676-6237

    Board Members

    • Kelly Young, Chairman
    • Charles Black
    • Ben Grant
    • Stormy Higgins
    • Sam Vinson

    Staff Contact

    Mr. Taurus L. Freeman, MPA
    Assistant Director
    (325) 676-6272

    Board Meetings

    Agendas  |  Minutes

    TIRZ Board Meeting Calendar