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How long can political signs stay up after an election?

Sec. 23-147.     Signs exempted from permit requirements

Be posted or erected no more than forty-five (45) days prior to the election to which they pertain or be allowed to remain posted or erected no more than fourteen (14) days subsequent to such election.


Campaign signs may be posted as early as 90 days before an election (no earlier) and must be removed within 10 days after the election.

Who handles graffiti crimes in Abilene?

The Abilene Police Department Youth Division handles these cases.

Is recycled glass used in parking lots okay to drive/park on?

Yes, when processed correctly glass returns back to its previous state of sand.  It is safe to use for multiple applications. The most common being driveways and trails. 

Has the Transportation Network Company Ordinance passed?

Yes, the TNC Ordinance passed on February 25, 2016.  The ordinance will be in effect on March 6, 2016.

When you exit the loop onto Maple, on the right-hand side, there is work being done on some sort of pipeline.  It's always very wet and muddy where they are working.  What are they working on?

The City of Abilene 24inch third pressure plane supply line project is in the final stages of construction. Starks Construction Company is the construction contractor. A portion of the project involved installing a new section of pipeline north of Lake Kirby Dam. This area is the natural creek channel of Cedar Creek, and during wet years the area has both standing surface water and shallow water table water. There is also several existing petroleum pipelines in that area. The above conditions have challenged the contractor while installing the new water pipeline in that area. The observed mud and bare soil in that area is the result of construction activities. The contractor recently completed the pipeline installation and is currently in the process of cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the pipeline before taking water quality verification samples. Once the verification samples pass the standards established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the American Water Works Association, the new pipeline can be placed into service.

What should a citizen do when they notice low hanging trees in the right of way? 

Trees that are hanging in right of way (or the street), are ultimately the property owner’s responsibility.  When a tree is low hanging or left untrimmed the City will usually visit the residence and ask them to trim the tree, if the homeowner does not trim the tree then they can be held liable and ultimately receive a code violation.

Why does it seem that the park streets do not get repaired regularly?

The street department takes care of thousands of lane miles in the City.  Maintaining the roads in the parks is a collaborative effort between both the parks and streets departments.  When a road needs to be repaired it goes on the list and the items on the list are handled by priority ranging from “immediate repair” to do safety issues to very small routine fixes such as small pot holes.

How often are the restrooms in the park cleaned?

Park restrooms get cleaned daily during the higher traffic and summer months.  This includes the weekends. However, the majority of the restrooms in our city are anywhere between 50 and 60 years old.  This makes them very hard to “look” clean even after the cleaning procedures have been followed.

Keeping the restrooms clean is an effort on everyone’s part because it only takes one person or group to soil a clean restroom even minutes after it has been cleaned.  

Are people in residential neighborhoods allowed to park boats in the street?

No, boats are not permitted to be parked on the street and is the jurisdiction of the Abilene Police Dept.  They will red tag it and tow it in 3 days if not removed.  This goes for trailers as well; that is unless they are attached to a vehicle.  Automobiles on the street which are not operable and or the registration has expired are considered junk vehicles and should be reported to the police.

If the City of Abilene goes to curb-side recycling will the large recycle containers still be located around town?

Yes, the large recycling containers help service our businesses and multi-family areas like apartment complexes.