Human Resources FAQ

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  • Vacancies that are open for recruitment are announced on our website: 
    City of Abilene Employment Opportunities

    Once a job is posted, you simply build an applicant profile and then you can apply for as many positions as you are interested in.  If you do not see any positions you are interested in, you may submit an on-line Job Interest Card at the Employment Opportunities site.  Then the site will email you a notification once a job in the category you are interested in is posted. The Job Interest Cards are listed by Job Category on the Employment Opportunities website.
  • You may apply for jobs on our website:
    City of Abilene Employment Opportunities

    We do not accept paper applications since launching our on-line process. If you are having difficulty with the on-line process, please visit Human Resources at 555 Walnut, Room 103, and we will help you explore the job opportunities at one of the kiosks located in the lobby.
  • After the closing date for a position, the supervisor for the position will review all applications to determine which persons will be interviewed. Only the applicants who are scheduled for interviews will be contacted.
  • Once the interview process is complete, the Department contacts Human Resources with a list of the top applicants.  Applicants will then receive an email letting them know the status of selection. Since Human Resources completes all background checking and driving records prior to notification of the applicants, the timeframe for notification can be a week or more after the interview process.  When all information is completed, the selected applicant is contacted and conditionally offered the position, and a date is set to begin employment with the City of Abilene upon satisfactory results from the pre-employment drug test.
  • Yes, the profile you create for yourself on-line stays in the application system. You can update as you like, and continue to apply as you like.
  • Positions for Abilene Fire Fighter and Abilene Police Officer are civil service positions.  Therefore, applications are only accepted during an open recruiting period.  For more information, you can visit their recruiting website or call (325) 676-6347.