The Building Inspections Department administers professionally-accepted standards and adopted regulations to safeguard life, safety, health, property, and public welfare of all construction-related activity within the City limits. We are responsible for the enforcement of the City’s adopted building and construction codes and ordinances.

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Building permits shall be obtained prior to making an improvements or alterations to a property. If you have any questions if your project will require a permit, please contact us.


Permit Fees

The permit and inspection fees, herein provided, shall be paid to the City before the issuance of a permit and before any work is started. Note: Permit and inspection fees are subject to change.

Inspection Call-In Times*

Please call before 8:30am for same day service. Any calls after this time will be set up for the next working day. Due to the volume of inspector requests, we can no longer accommodate am/pm requests.

*If you work during our regular business hours, 9am - 4pm, please let us know in advance so that we can work to assist you in the best way possible.

* For helpful information, please check out our handout and notices page

Building Data - Past building inspection data

Permit & Inspection Data - Look up past permits, reports, & contractor services

Infill Development

As part of the City of Abilene’s new Infill Strategy, fees for permits in designated areas will be eligible for a 50% fee reduction.  In order to qualify for the fee reduction, the permit must be related to a project with a total investment of at least $50,000. 

The proposed development or redevelopment project must create a minimum investment of $50,000 in new private property improvements.  Minor improvements, including normal remodeling, replacement of mechanical equipment, and the like will not be eligible for incentives.

Determining eligibility for building permits is based on the valuation of the project.  All other permits will require approval for work related to a larger project to satisfy the minimum $50,000 requirement. The amount must be verified by checking for an active building permit and the permit valuation.