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The mission of Code Compliance is to educate the public and gain citizen compliance on health, safety, and quality of life issues. The City of Abilene residents need and deserve to live in a safe and healthy environment. Code Compliance is responsible for enforcing city ordinances. The division is authorized to pursue criminal and civil remedies to abate nuisances for the purpose of maintaining a safe, sanitary and clean city.

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Note: Nuisance includes high weeds, off-street parking, unsightly conditions, falling fences, etc. 

Code Violations

Grass & Weeds Over 12 Inches

Grass & Weeds Over 12 Inches

Grasses weeds or brush at a height greater than twelve (12) inches, including the adjacent parkway and alleys. This includes:

  • The portion of any lot, tract or parcel of land greater than five (5) acres, which is within thirty (30) feet from the curb of any street, edge of pavement, or any traveled portion of a street or roadway.
  • The portion of the lot, tract or parcel of land greater than five (5) acres, which is within thirty (30) feet from any abutting lot, tract or parcel of land which is one(1) acre or less and occupied by a residence.

Please Note: Grass & weeds over 4ft will be sent directly to a mower and the owner will be billed.

Junk, Trash, Debris & Abandoned Materials

Junk, Trash, Debris & Abandoned Materials in Public View

Accumulation of rubbish, trash, refuse, junk. All appliances intended for indoor use, working or nonworking, used, stored, abandoned or junked anywhere in the public view. Excessive accumulation of items intended for use outdoors that are not screened from public view. Items on a porch, in a yard, under a carport, or within any area visible from the public view that are not intended for use outdoors, furniture intended for indoor use that is used, stored, abandoned or junked outside, including on a porch, in a yard, or under a carport.

Residents are urged to be sure their properties are clean.

Vehicle Parked on Unimproved Surface

Vehicle Parked on Unimproved Surface of Residential Property

The ordinance prohibits vehicle parking on an unimproved surface of a residential area. To exclude areas screened from the public view by an opaque fence.

Dilapidated Fence

Dilapidated Fence

Fences in a deteriorated condition or subject to falling down due to lack of maintenance or damage or that are repaired with materials that are not comparable to the original.

Dead Tree

Dead Tree

Dead, diseased, or insect harboring trees when such trees constitute a hazard to life or property.

Dilapidated Structure/Building

Dilapidated Structure/Building

Any building or other structure which is in such a dilapidated condition that is unfit for human habitation, or kept in such an unsanitary condition that it is a menace to the health of people residing in the vicinity thereof, or presents a heightened fire hazard in the vicinity where it is located.

Obnoxious Odors

Obnoxious Odors

All disagreeable or obnoxious odors and stenches, as well as the conditions, substances or other causes which give rise to the emission or generation of such odors and stenches including dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas, soot or cinders, in unreasonable quantities.

Vehicle with Expired Plates & Inoperable

Vehicle with Expired Plates & Inoperable (Not in the Street)

A junk vehicle is defined as follows:

  • A vehicle which is self-propelled; and
  • Is wrecked, dismantled, or partially dismantled, or discarded
  • Is inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days on private property
  • Displays an expired license plate or does not display a license plate.

If a vehicle meets the definition of a junked motor vehicle it must be screened from public view. Appropriate screening may include an enclosed building or a solid privacy fence. Fitted car covers are not considered proper screening.


Code Enforcement FAQs

How can I make a complaint?

You can come to City Hall in person or file a complaint by calling 325-676-6241. You can also make a complaint via the web. Simply point your browser to and click on Report a Problem.

How long should it take for a Code Officer to investigate my complaint?

Officers will try to perform an initial investigation within 2-5 days. Health and safety issues take first priority. The number of calls received may also affect response times.

What if I want to stay anonymous?

You may choose to stay anonymous; however, the code enforcement officers will not be able to inform you of actions taken. Leaving contact information is vital to a thorough investigation. Code Officers do not discuss the name of a complainant with a violator when a complaint is investigated.

Get to know the laws…if the owner and/or occupant fail to comply in a timely manner with a request to correct a violation, a municipal court citation may be issued and/or the violation corrected at the owner’s expense. A lien may be filed to recover the city’s cost of abatement.

The 2009 Code Compliance Guide Printable

Code Compliance Officers

Odis Dalton
Assistant Director for Code Compliance and Office of Neighborhood Services
(325) 676-6496

Clay Door
Community Enhancement Manager
(325) 676-6257

Catina Betoncur
Administrative Assistant
(325) 676-6241

Code Compliance Officers

Carl Collum
(325) 437-4583

Stephanie Lindsay
(325) 437-4584

Matthew Hall
(325) 437-4938

Josh Mares
(325) 676-6323

Robert Norton
(325) 676-6388

Robert Marsh
(325) 676-6277

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