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Development Application

Please submit the applications below with all required fees and documentation to:

Development Services Center, City Hall
555 Walnut, Room 100 
P.O. Box 60
Abilene , TX 79604-0060

Contact the Planning Department for more information: 
(325) 676-6237 or

City Fee Schedule


Download the Zoning Application

  • Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a specific tract of land. Zoning also regulates the size, intensity, and height of development, as well as signage, screening, and parking related to development. Zone changes allow for development that is not permissible under current district’s regulations. The zoning on a specific piece of property can change only through a public hearing process. This process allows public participation from the applicant, interested citizens, and decision makers. The process requires public notification, public hearings, a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission, and final approval by the City Council.


    Zone changes to Planned Development Districts:

    • Planned Development District: $2,000
    • Planned Development District:, Amendment: $1,000
    All other zone changes:
    • Zone Change Request: $1,500
  • Street name changes can alter a street name completely or add an Honorary Title to an existing name. Both processes require a public hearing and approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. The Honorary Street Name Change also requires a petition signed by a minimum of 51% of residents along the street to be changed.


    • Standard street name change: $800 (applicant also responsible for notification costs)
    • Honorary street name change: To be determined
  • Thoroughfares, including alleys and parkways along public roadways, are public rights-of-way that allow access throughout the city. Upon approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council, citizens can acquire the land from the City at the current market value.

    APPLICATION FEE: Based on land value, will be determined at time of application.

  • These must be approved by all the utility companies or City services that utilize the space before the easement can be released to the property owner. If there are utility lines in place they must be relocated at the applicant’s expense.


  • Zoning Process Flowchart

    Pre-Development Meeting (Optional)

    Is the Zoning Appropriate for Use?

    • YES - Process Ends
    • NO - Submit an application & pay application fee
      • Staff prepares report & sends out property notification letters
      • Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing
        • APPROVE - City Council Hearing, 1st reading of ordinance
          • APPROVE - City Council Hearing, 2nd reading of ordinance
            • APPROVE - Rezoning is approved
            • DENY - File is Closed
          • DENY - File is Closed
        • DENY - Request to appeal to City Council
          • APPROVE - City Council Hearing, 1st reading of ordinance
            • APPROVE - City Council Hearing, 2nd reading of ordinance
              • APPROVE - Rezoning is approved
              • DENY - File is Closed
            • DENY - File is Closed
          • DENY - File is Closed

Planning & Zoning Submittal Calendar 2019

Board of Adjustment

Download the Board of Adjustment Application


  • Variances allow for adjustments to specific ordinance requirements, owing to special and unique conditions, where the literal enforcement of the ordinance provisions result in an unnecessary hardship. When a lot differs from other lots in the same district by being of such restricted area, shape or slope that it cannot be developed in a manner commensurate with the development permitted upon other lots in the same district, a variance can be sought. It is important to understand that a variance shall not be granted to relieve a self-created or personal hardship, nor for financial reason only. The Board must find all of the following conditions present in order to grant a variance:

    Section 23­356.2(H) of the Zoning Ordinance:

    • That, due to special conditions and peculiarities of the land or improvements in question, literal interpretation of the provisions of this Ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship (other than financial) to the owner of the land and prohibit reasonable use of said land.
    • That the granting of the variance will not be contrary to the public interest and will not be injurious to neighboring properties or otherwise detrimental to the public welfare.
    • That granting a variance is consistent with spirit and intent of this Ordinance and is in harmony herewith.


  • There are certain listed uses that may be allowed within the city, designated as special exceptions. Given the nature of these uses, they are allowed provided that an applicant come to the Board of Adjustment, show where the use will take place on a plan, allow a public hearing. The Board must find that the use will be compatible with the site and meets all of the following criteria:

    Section 23­356.2.G. of the Zoning Ordinance

    • Will be wholly compatible with the use and permitted development of adjacent property, either as filed or subject to such requirements as the Board finds to be necessary to protect and maintain the stability of adjacent properties.
    • Will place no undue burden on public facilities. Public facilities to be considered shall include, but are not limited to streets and alleys, water and sewer utilities, schools and parks.
    • That approval of the special exception is clearly in harmony with the general purposes and intent of this Ordinance and, furthermore, provides for substantial justice.


  • Accessory land uses such as construction offices, security residences, or subdivision sales offices may be temporarily allowed by the Board of Adjustment.


  • This allows the construction of a single-family dwelling on tracts of at least 20 acres of unplatted property.


Board of Adjustment Submittal Calendar 2019

Subdivision Plat Review

Download the Development Application
This Application is used for Subdivision Plat reviews.

Plat Handout

Plat Submittal Calendar 2019


Development Plan Review Application for Plats

  • Included in the application:
    • Preliminary Plats
    • Minor Plats
    • Final Plats
    • Waiver of Right for 30-day Action

Recording Fees

Subdivision Plat Checklist

Site Plans

Development Plan Review Application for Site Plans

  • Included in the application:
    • Site Plan Application
    • Checklist

Other Applications

  • Subdivision Process Flowchart

    Pre-Development Meeting (Optional)

    Submit plat copies with application fees

    Plat Review Committee (PRC) Meeting

    PRC Approval

    • YES - Submit mylars, tax certificates, digital file & filing fee
      • Public improvements needed?
        • YES - Construct improvements or provide financial guarantee
          • Planning & Zoning Commission Hearing
            • P&Z Commission Approval - Plat filed at County Courthouse
        • NO - Planning & Zoning Commission Hearing
          • P&Z Commission Approval - Plat filed at County Courthouse
    • NO - Submit Plat revisions
      • Plat Review Committee (PRC) Meeting
  • Itinerant Business Permit Application

    Itinerant businesses were recently reviewed by the City Council and now must obtain an Itinerant Business Permit. This will apply to the establishment of any business on a temporary basis where the business does not occur in a permanent structure, in a structure for which a temporary permit has been obtained, or in association with another temporary use such as a carnival, fair, parade or festival. The term further does not apply to garage sales in residential zoning districts, businesses that are operated or owned by the same person or entity that owns the property, or businesses that hold a lease term on the property of at least one year. Businesses must meet the following criteria in order to apply:

    • The itinerant business must be located on property that is zoned to allow the activity as identified in Section 23-306.4 of this ordinance.
    • The itinerant business must have the written permission of the property owner.
    • A permit must be obtained, with exceptions listed in (d) below. No more than one itinerant business may be on a property at one time. No parcel may have an itinerant business on site for more than 36 days in a calendar year. The 36 days may be used at one time or may be divided in any way. A permit for an itinerant business does not take the place of other approvals or permits that may be required by other City departments or governmental agencies, e.g. Fire Department, Health Department, etc. The permit must include all of the following information:

         • Written proof of the property owner’s permission
         • Address of the property where the activity will take place
         • Dates and hours of operation
         • Complete description of the business activity
         • Responsible party’s name, address and telephone number.
         • Parkway width
         • Health Department approval if applicable
         • Applicable fee: The fees and charges for services furnished by the City shall be
         determined from time to time and placed on file in the Office of the City Secretary.

    • A permit is not required for non-profit entities that possess a current City of Abilene Solicitation Permit.
    • The approved permit must be available for inspection at the business premises at all times that the business is operating.
    • Any tent, trailer or other structure housing the itinerant business must be set back a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines.
    • Nothing related to the itinerant business (including but not limited to signs, inventory, parking, storage, tents) may occur in or be placed in any of the following areas:

         • The vision clearance triangle
         • Fire lane
         • Drainage Easement
         • Any area deemed a hazard to the general public health, safety, or welfare by any official
         of the City of Abilene or any other Governmental agency.

    • The following businesses shall be prohibited from obtaining an itinerant business permit:

         • Sales of knives, firearms or other weapons
         • Sales of live animals
         • Sales of alcoholic beverages
         • Adult Entertainment as defined by this ordinance

    • Businesses with food items must have written approval of the Health Department. This approval shall appear on the Itinerant Business permit.


  • Provide a letter stating:

    • The person or business (with address) to receive the letter
    • The requested information (i.e. current zoning, code violation history, flood zone classification, etc.)
    • Requests for additional documents (copies of Certificates of Occupancy, zoning map, etc.)
    • Any additional requests or instructions
    Send the letter to the following address with the applicable fee:
    Planning and Development Services
    555 Walnut Street, Room 100
    Abilene, TX 79601
    Allow at least one week for staff to process your request once it is received.