The Engineering Division develops and maintains Design Standards and Specifications, City Maps, Street directories. They also issue permits for driveways, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Engineering also reviews and approves all engineering documents submitted by outside parties. The Engineering Division also provides:

  • Street and Roadway Design
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Systems
  • Public Safety Designs
  • Flood Prevention Designs
  • Street Drainage Designs
  • Customer Service for Building Permits
  • Design Guidance
  • AutoCAD Service for Other Departments
  • Legal Contract Documents and Specifications
  • Oversees the design and construction of subdivisions within the City of Abilene limits as well as those in the 5 mile Extra Territorial Jurisdiction.

Construction Plan Review

In order to streamline our review of construction plans we are requesting that you email the Executive Secretary, Ruth Garcia, at an electronic PDF copy of the construction plans for public improvements. If the plans are on sheets larger than 24”X36” you will need to provide the City Engineer with five paper copies for review. Plans will be reviewed the second Wednesday after the plans are submitted to provide a minimum of one week of review time. You will be invited to the plan review.

Informational Documents

Design Standards

Drainage Standards

Abilene Street Directory