The Inspections Services division possesses and applies wide-ranging skills and abilities in a continuing effort to serve the community in the most effective and timely manner possible. Key components are to provide technical expertise and know-how in expansion and maintenance of city infrastructure; prepare accurate documentation of inspection reports as well as cost estimates; contract oversight; coordination with utility companies on construction projects; assist other divisions and departments within the city; meet with citizens on a regular basis to discuss their concerns and complaints; and after assessing the situation provide for a equitable solution that would be beneficial to the City of Abilene and its citizens.

  • General Duties

    • Oversight & inspection of city let contracts to private contractors, on various projects including;
    • New streets & rehabilitation of existing streets.
    • Major drainage projects.
    • Sidewalks; Driveway approaches; curb & gutter; constructed in the city right of way.
    • Utility companies that perform work on city right of way.
    • Monitoring of creeks when high water threatens community.
    • Respond to citizens complaints on alley, streets.
    • Field investigation for plans on future projects.

    Project Specific Duties

    • Prepare monthly pay estimates on work & materials used as well as a final report.
    • Ensure work is completed in accordance with City of Abilene plans and specifications.
    • Ensure traffic control devices are installed properly.
    • Ensure access is available to businesses & residents during construction.
    • Private laboratories test the construction materials as directed by the Inspector.
    • Check alignment and elevations for accuracy on projects.
    • Record a daily log.
    • Coordinate with emergency services during construction as to road condition.
    • Work with local utility companies before and during construction.
    • Water & sewer installations in new sub-divisions
  • The Inspection Services Division has two construction inspectors responsible for oversight on project contracts let to private vendors. Typical projects include the rehabilitation of S. 14th and N. 1st streets as well as down town sidewalks and concrete street repair, including inspection of various parks projects. 

    George Votaw and Corey Smith work with "street" contractors in an effort to achieve a completed project in accordance with plans & specifications furnished by the city engineer and the design services division.

    Inspectors can be contacted @ 325-676-6077

  • Permits

    Driveway Approach - Sidewalk - Curb & Gutter

    1. There may be special provisions governing whether or not a driveway approach is allowed in specific locations, particularly in commercial areas. Check with a representative in the Design Services Division of Public Works before requesting a permit. (See Attachment #1 for an example of the required permit form. This permit is obtained from the Design Services office after a Street Contractor's Bond has been submitted.)

    2. The Owner/Contractor must provide the City of Abilene with a Street Contractor's Bond in the amount of $1,000 in order to obtain a permit. The bond can be obtained from most insurance companies and must expire December 31 of the current year. Refer to Attachment #2 for required format of the Street Contractor's Bond.(Note: this is not the same as a Contractor's Bond!)

    3. See Attachments 3, 3A and 3B for approach, sidewalk and curb and gutter construction standards.

    4. IMPORTANT - BEFORE PLACING CONCRETE, all concrete forms must be inspected and approved by Inspection Services Division.

    5. Call Inspection Services at 676-6311 to schedule an inspection. Call by 3:00 p.m. for an inspection on the morning of the next day. Call by 10:00 a.m. for same day, afternoon inspections.

    6. If all City standards have been met, a blue inspection form will be placed on the forms.

    7. If standards are not met, a yellow correction notice will be placed on the forms. After owner/contractor has made corrections, another inspection is required (no charge). All inspections thereafter for the same problem will have a re-inspection fee of $25.00.


    See City Fee Schedule

  • Can a property owner build or repair his own sidewalk and/or driveway approach?
    Yes, however, he must have a current $ 1,000.00 Street Contractor’s Bond, obtain a permit from the City Engineer’s Office and comply with the City of Abilene Construction Standards.

    If my sidewalk is in bad condition, can I just remove it without replacing it?
    No, if a sidewalk is in place and in bad condition it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair or replace it.

    Can I simply knock off the back of my curb and gutter to make it easier to drive onto my property?
    No, driveway approaches must be constructed at all access points to the property.

    Can I use sackcrete?
    No, sackcrete itself does not meet City of Abilene Standards.

    More questions? Contact us @ 325-676-6077