Stormwater Services promotes stewardship of the lakes, creeks and drainage ways through Abilene, and works to maintain regulatory compliance with applicable federal, state, and local stormwater regulations.  The division performs inspections on Abilene’s construction sites and industrial facilities, educational outreach, and maintenance on the City’s Municipal Separate Storm System or MS4.

Save Our Waterways

 Links to Master Drainage Plan presented to City Council:

Stormwater Master Drainage Plan Final - Presented to Council October 25,2018

Stormwater Master Drainage Plan Draft - Presented to Council November 14th, 2017

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Stormwater Services Weekly Scheduled Projects

January 18-25, 2019

Creek Channel Maintenance

  • Catclaw Creek Between S. 5th & S. 7th
  • Big Elm Creek at S. 1st

Drainage Easement Maintenance

  • N. 1st & S. 1st , Sayles to Shelton
  • Elm Creek Village and Antilley
  • Detention Ponds:
    • Dunham and McGhee

Mowing/Tree Trimming

  • Arnold Blvd, off FM 3438, Fulwiler
  • Fulwiler Rd to Stamford, Shirley Rd
  • 5 Points Parkway, South 7 th to Andy
  • Military Dr, Pueblo to Hartford
  • Detention Pond:
    • Chapel Hill

Street Sweeping

  • S6 - Baylor, Auburn, Georgetown, Radcliff, Trinity, Purdue, Wakeforest, Notradame
  • Central Business District - N. 2nd, Cypress, S. 4th, Chestnut, S. 6th, Sycamore
  • Arterials - Ambler, Pine, N. 1st, Mockingbird

Stormwater Services Weekly Completed Projects

January 11-18, 2019

Creek Channel Maintenance

  • Cedar Creek at Wil Hair Park
  • Indian Creek at Shirley Rd

Drainage Easement Maintenance

  • Maple Between Southlake and Colony Rd
  • Maple St Between E.S. 11 th and Bynam East Side
  • Running Water Trail, Hastings and Sorrellwood
  • Garfield and Campus Court
  • Detention Ponds:
    • Sammons
    • Grape St

Mowing/Tree Trimming

  • Richland Dr from N. 10 th to N. 14 th
  • Grape to Clinton, Vogel to Stamford
  • Pine St to Victoria and Summit Rd
  • Old Landfill Rd, Pine St North to I-20
  • County Rd 318 off FM 1082
  • Detention Pond:
    • Grape St

Street Sweeping

  • N2 - San Jose, La Salle, Jefferson, Pioneer, N.9 th , Congress, Capital, Richmond
  • Central Business District - N. 6 th, N. 5 th, N. 4 th, N. 3 rd, Cedar, Ash, Plum, Mesquite
  • Arterials - Butternut, Ambler, Grape, N. 1 st

 grid map of Abilene2

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