Stormwater Master Plan Presentation Draft

Stormwater Services promotes stewardship of the lakes, creeks and drainage ways through Abilene, and works to maintain regulatory compliance with applicable federal, state, and local stormwater regulations.  The division performs inspections on Abilene’s construction sites and industrial facilities, educational outreach, and maintenance on the City’s Municipal Separate Storm System or MS4.

Save Our Waterways

Upcoming Events

Contact for more information. 
(325) 734-3301

 October 12th, 8am
Rain Barrel Giveaway
Location: Environmental Recycling Center (2209 Oak Street)
Must have current water bill. Limit one per car. 

 Rain Barrel (2)

October 20th, 8am-11am
Kirby Lake Cleanup
Location: Lake Kirby Park (5650 Maple Street)



Stormwater Services Weekly Scheduled Projects

October 12 - 19, 2018

Creek Channel Maintenance

  • Catclaw Creek Between S. 5th and S. 7th
  • ElmCreek Gabion Walls
  • Elm Creek at Proctor
  • Rainy Creek at Griffith Rd

Drainage Easement Maintenance

  • Wagon Wheel and Austin Drains
  • Griffith Rd Between E.N. 16th and Marathon
  • Detention Pond:
    • Tradition

Mowing/Tree Trimming

  • South Fork Catclaw Creek
  • Loop 322 on Maple St to Industrial
  • Industrial to Treadaway,
  • S. 27 th from Oldham Ln to Treadaway
  • Berry from Maple to Oldham Ln
  • Lakeside to S. 21 st and S. 21 st to Oldham
  • Oldham from S. 21 st to S. 27 th
  • 800 & 900 Blk of Sunset and Bickley Tree Line
  • Detention Ponds:
    • Tradition
    • Cotton Candy

Street Sweeping

  • S21 - Cedar Rim, Rolling Green, Heartstone, Pennington, Pamela, Carrie Ann
  • S23 – Button Willow, Greenslope, Oaklawn, Derby, Arlington, Gathright
  • Central Business District - N. 4th , N. 5th , N. 6th , N. 7th , Plum, Ash, Walnut, Mesquite
  • Arterials – Willis and Butternut

Stormwater Services Weekly Completed Projects

October 5 - 12, 2018

Creek Channel Maintenance

  • Elm Creek Gabion Walls 3 & 4
  • Catclaw Creek at S. 27th

Drainage Easement Maintenance

  • 7000 Blk of Maple
  • N. 1 st and S. 1 st
  • Mockingbird and Shelton

Mowing/Tree Trimming

  • South Fork of Catclaw Creek to Mesquite
  • FM 707 East to Hwy 83/84
  • Hardwick from FM 707 to Antilley
  • Fairway Oaks to Antilley
  • Fort Phantom Lake Roads:
    • Cherokee Circle
    • Mohegan (East side)
    • Boat Ramp Rd and Layout land
    • Poverty Point Circle
    • Yaw
    • Spillway Rd and Layout Land
    • Cove Rd
    • Cheyenne Circle
    • Wichita Camp
    • Apache Lane
    • Dixon
    • Comanche Trail
    • Choctaw Point
  • Detention Pond:
    • Mesquite Forest

Street Sweeping

  • S21 - Rebecca, Bruce, Matador, Honeysuckle, Daisy, Lily, Paint Brush, Blue Bonnet
  • S23 - Rim Rock, Quail Terrace, Sue Lookout, Patsy Ann, Lynbrook, Wyndham, Sherbrook
  • Central Business District - N. 2nd , Walnut, Oak, Hickory, N. 6th, N. 7th, Pecan, S. 2nd, S. 6th
  • Arterials - Grape, Pine, S. 7th, N. 1st


 grid map of Abilene2

Click here for an interactive map of City of Abilene work zones.