Street Services

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Street Division Projects for the Week of  October 15, 2018

Clean Bar Ditches

  • South 5th Street
    • Closed from T and P Lane to Martin Street

Concrete Maintenance

  • 1302 Beech Street
    • Closed from Beech Street to North 13th Street
  • 1241 Beech Street
    • Closed from Beech Street to North 13th Street
  • 502 Hardison Lane

Crack Seal

  • John C Stevens Street
    • Closed from Campus Court to Rountree Drive
  • N 10th St
    • Closed from Minter Lane to Grape Street
  • 3402 North 1st Street
    • Closed from North Willis Street to Access Drive

Partial/Full Depth Patch Repair (minor)

  • 2997 Arrowhead Dr.
    • Closed from Buffalo Gap Rd. to Robertson Dr.

Our mission is to maintain the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing public street system with the available resources. The primary focus of this division is infrastructure oriented. Streets and alleys are an integral part of the infrastructure and must, therefore, be maintained at the highest level possible.

For questions or service requests, please call 325-676-6045.


  • Concrete maintenance personnel are responsible for some curb and gutter repair, bridge repair, and concrete street and alley maintenance. Crews assigned to this activity also assist during major rehabilitative projects.

    Concrete Repairs
  • Asphalt maintenance functions such as partial and full depth patching, pothole repair, and surface seals are performed by this activity. Additionally, personnel assigned to asphalt repair also assist in larger projects such as street rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

    Asphalt Repairs
  • Repairs consist of using a polymer modified sealant intended to seal cracks in asphalt to prevent moisture from seeping below the surface level and into the base. Infiltration of water into the base level ultimately leads to a debilitated base structure. This preventive measure is normally applied during the spring and fall season.

    Crack Sealing
  • Two crews are tasked with the maintenance of all public gravel streets and alleys. Country-type roads within the city limits as well as Lake Fort Phantom Hill gravel roads are also maintained.

    Gravel Maintenance
  • This activity performs asphalt overlay and street reconstruction.

    Street Rehabilitation
    • When driving on a freshly seal-coated surface, drive slowly and keep an adequate amount of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Low speed will help to minimize the amount of cover stone dislodged and propelled from under the rear tires.
    • A mechanic's type hand cleaner, WD-40, or tar remover will safely remove AC10 (road tar) from a vehicle.
    • Barricades and cones are set out to ensure the safety of our employees and the general public. Please obey the warning signs and watch for a flagman when approaching a traffic controlled (barricaded) work zone.
    • Cleaning the curb of lawn clippings and other debris after mowing your lawn could eliminate a substantial amount of street deterioration. Standing water is the #1 cause of potholes and other pavement problems.
    • Please do not dump grass clipping and other yard wastes in creeks or drainage easements. Such materials can block the channel and impede the flow of water, setting up the possibility of an area flooding.
    • Homeowners who landscape or put fences across the drainage areas adjacent to their property run the risk of a potential flooding situation. These conditions also can keep crews from performing the required maintenance of an area.
    • Call the Abilene Police Dept. @ 325-673-8331 to report a problem after normal working hours or on the weekend. The dispatcher can get in touch with our night shift or the on-call man.