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The Water Utilities Department is responsible for water operations and wastewater operations in the City of Abilene, including: providing for adequate, high quality water supply; treating and distributing potable water; collecting all wastewaters discharged to sanitary sewer systems; and transporting and treating all wastewater prior to discharging it into the environment.

Water Utility Office

(325) 676-6405

Water Production

(325) 676-6038

Water Treatment

(325) 676-6037

Water Distribution

(325) 676-6000

Wastewater Treatment

(325) 548-2237

Water Quality

(325) 676-6043

FOG Information

Water Conservation

  • SaveAbileneWater.com 
  • Three-Day a Week Watering Schedule
    • Odd Numbered Addresses:
      Wednesdays, Fridays, & Sundays
    • Even Numbered Addresses:
      Tuesday, Thursdays, & Saturdays
    • Industrial, Commercial, Government, Schools & Universities:
      Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
WaterSchedule_3-Day_01 ODD
WaterSchedule_3-Day_02 EVEN
WaterSchedule_3-Day_03 COMM