Learn about your local government. Build a stronger community. Make a difference.

Abilene Academy is an eight week course aimed at educating residents about their City government and generating discussions about City operations and how citizens can become more involved and informed.  The Academy will give citizens the opportunity to better understand the function of each City department and how they affect quality of life issues.

Gain Insight

  • Challenges to City Government
  • Budget Limitations
  • Day-to-day Operations
  • State Mandates

Go Behind the Scenes

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Airport
  • Transportation Services
  • Community Services
  • & more...

Abilene Academy will be an invaluable tool for helping the Abilene community gain a more in depth knowledge about our city government. It is our goal that once citizens complete the course, they not only have a greater understanding of our city government and leadership, but put the knowledge to action and become involved on city boards, commissions and ultimately the city council. -Mayor Anthony Williams