Make Use of Our Library Kits

Scare E. Monster with Phonics KitWe offer a variety of kits and boxed sets available to the public to check out.  Designed for various ages, you'll find kits that you can use for your book clubs, to help your kids learn to read, to develop skills in a new hobby/craft, and more.

Each kit comes complete with a host of supplemental materials to help you dive further into subject.  You'll have the tools needed to put your learning into practice.

Take a look at the kits we offer, and browse each sub-page to learn more about them.

Book Club in a Box

  • Library staff has curated boxed sets of books for you to checkout ad use for your book club meeting outside of the library. Each set contains 7-8 titles of a book, along with discussion questions, read-alike titles, and other supplemental materials. They were selected due to their bestseller status or popularity from celebrity book clubs.
  • Click Here to Access Book Club in a Box Listings Online

Homeschooling Education Kits

  • We have a strong homeschooling community in the Big Country and a former children's librarian has curated a collection of kits to aid youth in learning more about various topics and subjects based on their curriculum. Each will come with selected books and supplemental  materials to enhance studies.
  • Visit the South Branch Library to View This Special Collection

Literacy Kits & Educational Backpacks

  • Literacy Kits were the library's first collection of kits from the South Branch Library and funded thanks to a grant from the Texas Book Festival. Various kits were designed for early readers through Grade 5 containing books, companion audiobook CDs, games, activities, a binder of worksheets, and more. Each were designed to help increase literacy and learning in the home.
  • Kits are Offered at All Library Branches

Makerspace Kits

  • Designed for teens and adults, the makerspace has a wide selection of kits to help you learn a hobby. From candle and soap making to drawing anima and cake decorating, we have a variety of kits on hand. Each comes with instructional books, as well as the tools needed, for being able to perform those hobbies at home so you don't have to supply them yourself.
  • Click Here to Access the Makerspace Kits Collection Online

Phonics Kits

  • Literacy is important to libraries, and a selection of kits have been created to help youth learn to read using phonics. Each kit comes with a book and supplemental activities to be used to develop stronger reading skills in a fun setting. A small selection will be available at your Mockingbird Branch.


  • STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) is an educational program to strengthen critical thinking and reasoning skills in youth in key areas of study. Although the library offers regular STEAM programming to participate in, we also have a large selection of STEAM kits available for families to borrow and use in the library. Sets will teach kids about measurements, astronomy, finances, and much more.
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