Youth Programming at Your Library

Your Abilene Public Library offers a wide range of programs and events for families to take advantage of. All programming offered is provided free of charge and the library will supply any materials needed during events.

Below you will find a listing of the types of events we host on a regular basis.  Remember, to see all of our offerings, visit our Events Calendar Online for the current month's lineup.

Youth Creating Space Art from Famous ArtistsColoring Days

Coloring days are a big hit with youth and we incorporate them into many of our activities.  Where we do sometimes hold events that are exclusive for coloring, many of our other programming may incorporate coloring or art into the event.  This could be achieved through painting sessions, sidewalk chalk art, creating tie-dye clothing, experimenting in bubble paint, and a host of other fun ways to color.

Youth Making Disney Ear Crafts at Lib-Con ProgramCraft Sessions

Crafting is our most popular activity to offer across all library locations.  Not only do we incorporate them as a part of every enhanced storytime offering, we host many activities that focus on just making crafts. All materials are supplied for each craft activity and children's staff will walk youth through the steps of making them from start to finish. Parents are encouraged to assist their children in making some of the more technical projects, which also offers some family bonding time too.

Disney Princess Belle Leads a Storytime ProgramEnhanced Storytimes

Whereas our weekly storytime sessions run 30 minutes and focus on stories and music, our enhanced storytime sessions are offered on a monthly basis and incorporate more activities. This includes games, crafts, special guests, and more.  Sessions run for 45-minutes to an hour, while also offering early evening and evening sessions for working families unable to attend our morning storytimes.

Youth Playing Pokemon The Card GameGaming Sessions

Your library is also a great place for youth to get their game on.  Your library houses many gaming consoles including the NIntendo Wii, PlayStation 4, XBox, and more, plus we also have a host of traditional board games and card games too.  Although not hosted as frequently as other programming, we do have events that focus on youth coming out to just have youth come out to have a little fun with friends.

Friends Building at LEGO ClubLEGO Meetups

LEGO are still popular with creative youth whom are often challenged to create something from their mind, or create something based on a certain theme.  Each branch has a big selection of LEGO and we meetup regularly with youth to just build, whether building by yourself or teaming up with friends for a group project. At some locations, the completed project may also be displayed as part of a monthly installation at the library for others to see.

Kids and Parents Watching a MovieMovie Showings

Your library has a movie license to be able to show hit movies from the past and present at all locations. Movie sessions especially targeting families are hosted on a regular basis.  There's no need to buy a ticket as admission is free to these events. Outside food and drinks are allowed at these programs so feel free to bring your own snacks to enjoy in a movie outing that won't break the bank.

Reading to Registered Therapy DogsRead to a Dog Days

These are great literacy events where youth can choose a book and then sit down to read to registered therapy dogs at the library.  They won't judge you if you make a mistake and it's a great opportunity to make friends with our four-legged guests before reading to them. Always popular, these sessions aren't hosted on a regular basis so don't miss the opportunity to participate when they come around. 

Youth Enjoying Sensory Pool During STEAM EventSTEAM Activities

Your library is not only about strengthening reading skills and a love of literature, we also want to be a place to foster educational opportunities to local youth that are engaging and fun. Regular programming is hosted focusing on STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math that have youth come out to use their critical thinking skills to complete a project. Such includes egg drops, sensory play, science experiments, building robotic hands, creating the perfect paper airplane, building solar-powered ovens, and much more.

Kids Petting a Ball PythonSummer Fun

The summer is the best time for youth to be at the library as our programming efforts double across the board. Special activities to engage in during this time are the Young Audiences lineup of live performances that are free to attend, special guests to perform for youth, our popular stories in the garden and art in the park series, scavenger hunts, virtual activities, and so much more.  It's our time to shine.

Big Country Home Educators Students Demonstrate RoboticsTween Events

As youth get older, we offer tween activities to help them better transition to teen program offerings. These include coding and technology-related activities such as working with our Cue Bots, Snap Circuits, and Ozobots, learning basic coding on our mobile lab, 3D Printing, and a host of more technically sophisticated activities designed for growing youth.