Catering Request Form

Catering Request

All caterers that would like to offer catering services to the customers of the Abilene Convention Center must submit this request form. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, please contact us at (325) 676-6211.

Part 1: Non-Exclusive Catering Agreement

Download & fill out the form for your desired catering type:

Catering Agreement notes:

  • Please note there are items throughout this agreement that require you to initial in the provided spaces. 
  • Page 4 & 5 state the insurance requirements.
  • Please read the entire contract before signing.

Part 2: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Download and fill out the Conflict of interest form. Please make sure you answer every question. On the questions that do not apply to you, please indicate this by putting N/A.

Part 3: Catering Request Form

All above documents, including the Catering Agreement, Certificate(s) of Insurance, and Conflict of Interest Questionnaire form, must be completed in their entirety and attached to the form below before we are able to begin the routing process.

Catering Request Form

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  2. Catering Documents Upload

    Upload the following documents:

  3. Please upload the Food, Concessionaire, or Liquor catering agreement

  4. Please list the City of Abilene as additional insured

  5. Please upload a completed & signed questionnaire

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Please note that paperwork must be renewed annually. A reminder will be sent out in September to renew your paperwork and contract prior to October 1 each year.