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Use this page to find City news releases, along with links to Abilene Police and Fire Department news releases. Scroll down for an archive of previous year releases from the City.

  1. The Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District’s Thanksgiving Gathering Tips

    The Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District (ATCPHD) recommends a few tips for Thanksgiving gatherings based on CDC guidelines. Read on...
  2. Most City offices closed Thursday & Friday for Thanksgiving holiday

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  1. Fatal Pedestrian Crash

    On Monday, November 16, 2020, at approximately 6:30 pm, the Abilene Police Department responded to a call for service of a major motor vehicle collision in the 3100 block of South 1st Street. Read on...
  2. Abilene Police Impound Auction Opens Nov 17

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  1. Structure Fire: 7000 Block of Spring Water Avenue

    On November 19th, 2020 at approximately 1:26 a.m., the Abilene Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire at the 7000 block of Spring Water Avenue. Read on...
  2. Structure Fire: 500 Block of Grape Street

    On November 12, 2020 at approximately 2:05 a.m., the Abilene Fire Department responded to a structure fire located in the 500 block of Grape Street. Read on...
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2020 City News Releases

  1. CityLink NR - Passengers limited to 10
  2. NR 011020001 Utility bill due date extended for those who received incorrect January bill.docx
  3. NR 011720002 City closures and operations for MLK holiday.docx
  4. NR 020420003 Applications now accepted for Abilene Academy
  5. NR 022520004 Abilene police chief submits resignation
  6. NR 022720005 North 18th Street bridge found unsafe, closed until further notice
  7. NR 030620006 Street work begins on downtown Central Business District project
  8. NR 030920007 Citywide tornado drill set for Wednesday, March 18th
  9. NR 031220008 Abilene-Taylor County Public Health Distric reports no confirmed cases of COVID-19 inTaylor County
  10. NR 031620009 Gatherings limited, municipal services closed to limit potential for spread of COVID-19
  11. NR 031820010 Gatherings limited to 50, City extends closures to limit potential for spread of COVID-19
  12. NR 032320011 Extention of disaster declaration limits gathering to 10
  13. NR 032620012 Abilene Taylor-County Public Health District recevies first confirmed positive case of COVID-19
  14. NR 032620013 Residents urged to practice social distancing and sanitize at City parks
  15. NR 032720014 Investigation into first confirmed case of COVID-19
  16. NR 032720015 Abilene Taylor-County Public Health District receives second positive COVID-19 test result
  17. NR 032820016 A message from Mayor Anthony Williams
  18. NR 032820017 Abilene Taylor County Public Health District receives four positive COVID-19 test results
  19. NR 040120018 City staff determining effect of Governor Order on LSIP
  20. NR 040420019 Abilene Taylor County Public Health District reports first COVID-19 related death
  21. NR 040920020 Possible exposure to COVID-19 at Abilene area Walmart
  22. NR 041320021 Abilene area COVID-19 cases expected to increase over next two weeks
  23. NR 041520022 Abilene Taylor County Public Health District reports second COVID-19 related death in Taylor County
  24. NR 042220023 Abilene Taylor County Public Health District reports third COVID-19 related death for Taylor County
  25. NR 042220024 MERCY Clinic and Abilene Taylor County Public Health District closed to public
  26. NR 042420025 Mayor forms committee to advise in reopning of local economy
  27. NR 042620026 Thirty-six Abilene Fire Department personnel test positive for COVID-19
  1. NR 050120027 Abilene Mayor requests permission to hold August election
  2. NR 050120028 City plans for reopening under Governor Abbott guidelines
  3. NR 050620029 Required change in test reporting brings COVID-19 total test results to 206 in Taylor County
  4. NR 051220030 West Texas Water Partnership secures long term water source for Abilene
  5. NR 052220031 Most City offices closed for Memorial Day holiday
  6. NR 052220032 Reopening of Abilene Taylor County Public Health District
  7. NR 052820033 Best Friends Animal Society and City of Abilene partner to improve animal outcomes
  8. NR 060520034 New street sweepers play importnat role in saving Abilene streets and improving stormwater system
  9. NR 061720035 Appointments now available for BACK TO SCHOOL immunizations
  10. NR 061720036 City of Abilene welcomes first Library Director
  11. NR 062620037 Kirby Lake Park closing at 7 p.m. July 4th
  12. NR 070120038 Most City offices closed July 3rd for Independence Day holiday
  13. NR 070220039 Mayor Williams thanks Freedom Festival organizers for decision to cancel events
  14. NR 070220040 Hours and operations shift for Abilene Animal Services
  15. NR 070820041 Water line replacement project beginning along South 14th Street
  16. NR 070820042 Minter Park reopens after community led reconstruction
  17. NR 072720043 Traffic interruptions begin August 1st along Buffalo Gap Road
  18. NR 072920044 Mayor Anthony Williams tests positive for COVID-19
  19. NR 081120045 United Express service to take off at Abilene Regional Airport
  20. NR 081320046 Free adoptions from Abilene Animal Shelter August 17 - 22
  21. NR 081820047 Boil water notice for Lake Ft. Phantom Hill area
  22. NR 081920048 ATCPHD receives COVID19 results from area nursing home
  23. NR 081920049 Boil water notice rescinded
  24. NR 082420050 City of Abilene mourns passing of employee with COVID-19
  25. NR 090220051 Most City offices closed for Labor Day holiday
  26. NR 090420052 Bat found in downtown area tests postitive for rabies
  27. NR 090820053 Help Abilene Animal Services win 100k from Petco Foundation