Animal Services

Updates to Abilene Animal Services

New Management & Operations as of January 1, 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, All Kind Animal Initiative will take over the management of the Abilene Animal Shelter and related services, while Animal Control Officers will now service residents under Abilene Police Department’s (APD) newly created Animal Outreach Team. 

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Shelter Services

All Kind Animal Initiative

925 South 25th
(325) 698-0085

  • Pet adoption services
  • Reclaiming a lost pet
  • Surrendering a pet
  • Other shelter services

Animal Outreach

APD's Animal Outreach Team

4565 South 1st
(325) 673-8331

  • Reporting a stray, aggressive, dangerous or deceased animal
  • Reporting a barking dog complaint

Animal Services Management Updates