Field Services

The Field Services division of Animal Services is tasked with the enforcement of state laws and local ordinances written for the protection of its citizens and proper treatment of their animals. Field Services is dedicated to the development of strong human and animal bonds and educating the public on humane care and treatment of animals; domestic and wildlife alike.  It is the mission of Field Services to develop a wholesome society integrated with healthy well cared for animals that coexist with the native Texas wildlife.

Report Violations – “If You See Something, Say Something”

If you’re having an issue in your neighborhood or witness any violations, please call Animal Services Dispatch at 325-698-0085, or for after-hours emergencies call the non-emergency Police/Fire Dispatch 325-673-8331. You can also report potential animal cruelty or abuse with SeeClickFix. Please be prepared to leave your contact information in case the investigating officer needs to follow up with you.

Emergency Calls & Non-Emergency Calls

  1. Emergency Calls
  2. Non-Emergency Calls

Emergency calls should be made for the following situations:

  • Animal owner arrested - animal left alone in vehicle or at home
  • Animals in immediate danger - tangled, tethered, emaciated, or injured
  • Dog and cat bites - human exposure and broken skin
  • Dogs attacking other animals or acting aggressively toward humans
  • Animals attacked by high risk rabies carriers (raccoon, skunk, bat, fox, coyote)
  • Sick/injured stray animals - obvious wounds on a stray animal
  • Venomous snakes - inside homes and living spaces
  • Wild animals - inside homes and living spaces
  • At large/estray livestock - loose livestock on major streets

Please call Animal Services Dispatch at 325-698-0085, or call 325-673-8331 after hours for emergencies.