Field Services

The Field Services section of Animal Services works to protect the community from animal threats. We also take a strong stance against animal cruelty, and irresponsible owners who choose not to properly vaccinate or care for their animals.

Report Violations

If you are having a problem in your neighborhood or witness any violations, please call emergency dispatch at 325-698-0085, or for after hours emergencies call 325-673-8331. You can also report potential animal cruelty or abuse with SeeClickFix.

Emergency Calls & Non-Emergency Calls

  1. Emergency Calls
  2. Non-Emergency Calls

Emergency calls should be made for the following situations:

  • Animal owner arrested - animal left alone in vehicle or at home
  • Animals in immediate danger - tangled, tethered, emaciated, or injured
  • Dead animals in streets - causing a traffic hazard
  • Dog and cat bites - human exposure and broken skin
  • Dogs attacking other animals or acting aggressively toward humans
  • Sick and injured stray animals - obvious wounds on a stray animal
  • Venomous snakes - inside homes and living spaces
  • Wild animals - inside homes and living spaces