Shelter Services

The Abilene Animal Shelter is a shelter for lost, homeless, and unwanted pets.


Strays are picked up by field officers and citizens, unwanted animals can be surrendered by their owners, and very often animals are dumped in areas around town and at the shelter. Our goals with these animals are to:

  1. Provide a clean, sanitary place, out of the weather
  2. Provide a good wholesome meal
  3. Give the animal a chance at reuniting with their owner, a new adopter or be placed with a rescue group


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  1. Adoptions

Animals at the shelter maybe for adoption if the stray reclaim time has lapsed or the animal was owner-surrendered. Check with the Shelter to see if the animal is available for adoption.

Adopting an Animal

To adopt an animal:

  1. Provide valid government issued ID
  2. Fill out an Adoption Profile and an Adoption Agreement
  3. In accordance with Chapter 828 and Chapter 826 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, all animals must be spayed or neutered and vaccinated for rabies. You will be issued a citation for failing to do that service agreed upon in the Adoption Agreement.
  4. Pay adoption fees
    • Your adoption fees will provide a voucher to have your animal vaccinated with the rabies vaccine, a City of Abilene License if applicable, and a sterilization voucher. Your veterinarian may choose to charge you more that the value of the sterilization voucher and the rabies vaccination voucher; you will be responsible for the reminder of fees charged by your veterinarian.

Adoption & Rescue Partners

Abilene Animal Services welcomes your 501(c)(3) group and depends on your partnership to help us save the lives of countless homeless pets. If you would like to be added to our transfer list, send your organization's 501(c)(3) and a list of authorized transporters by emailing Abilene Animal Services.

Disclaimer: Abilene Animal Service's staff reserves the right to choose which animals are available for transfer

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  1. Euthanasia
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  1. Surrendering Your Pet