Library Mission & Policies


The mission of the Abilene Public Library is to provide materials, services, and programs to help community residents obtain information which meets their personal, educational, professional, and recreational needs.


Updated November 13, 2017: Find information on the general rules on behavior serving a threefold purpose: to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, to protect the rights and safety of staff members, and to preserve and protect the library's materials, facilities, and property.

View Rules Governing the Use of the Library (PDF)


To keep the library a safe place for our children, children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 15 must be collected by a responsible family member aged 16 or older at closing. If no one appears to collect the child, staff will contact the Abilene Police Department for a welfare check, and to return the child to the appropriate custodian(s).



Free library cards are available to residents of the City of Abilene. Individuals must present a Photo ID and verification of their current address. Library cards are also available, at no charge, to military personnel (active, retired, and family) resident outside of the Abilene's city limits with a valid Department of Defense card. You may find printable registration forms, an online registration form, and additional information on acquiring a Library Card here.


Non-resident cards are available to Texas residents residing outside of the City of Abilene for a $10 annual fee. Children of non-residents through 17 years of age with parental approval may apply for a library card. Identification requirements are the same as those for residents.


Circulating materials shall be selected books, periodicals, sound recordings, and videotapes. The normal loan period is 3-weeks, although this may be adjusted for materials in high demand. Regarding the borrowing privileges of the Abilene Public Library:

  • The borrowing privileges of delinquent patrons are suspended until any overdue materials have been returned.
  • The borrowing privileges of the library patrons in good standing are limited only by the restrictions upon the specific kinds of circulating materials.
  • Patrons who do not have their library card may borrow materials if they provide a photo ID.


Internet access is made available to offer a program of informational, educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment opportunities for patrons of all ages and background in the Abilene area.

The Library assumes responsibility only for the information provided on its homepage and website. Sites external to the library are not monitored for content. The Library is not responsible for changes in the content of the sources to which patrons' link, nor for the contents of sources accessed through secondary links. The Library neither monitors nor controls information accessible through the Internet and does not accept responsibility for its content. While most of the information accessed can be valuable and enlightening, the user may also find materials that are controversial, unreliable, personally offensive, or illegal under U.S. law.

The Library does employ software filtering on Internet accessible workstations. This filtering is provided via the City of Abilene Information Technology department and cannot be accessed or adjusted by Library personnel.

View the Internet Use Policy and Guidelines (PDF)


While using the Internet on library workstations, we ask that all guests agree to accept and abide by the terms and conditions laid forth by our Internet Use and Policy Guidelines. When logging onto a library workstation, you will be prompted to accept a digital version of the agreement form prior to accessing the Internet.


Leaflets or posters may be submitted to the library for public posting as determined by library management, which will also facilitate getting your information posted at all three library locations.  Priority will be given to non-profit groups and local community groups. Leaflets or posters submitted by businesses or on behalf of individuals will not be posted or approved for distribution.


The meeting rooms of the Abilene Public library are for library-sponsored programs and meetings to carry out the mission and goals of the library. When these meeting rooms are not being used by the library, they are available for community-sponsored programs and meetings that are educational, cultural, and civic in nature.

Rooms are available at no charge to non-profit groups. Fees for all others are $10 per hour for use the Main Library Auditorium or Mockingbird Branch Library Activity Room, $50 for the first two hours for use of the South Branch Library's Meeting Room ($15 for each subsequent hour; $25 technology fee if used).

View Meeting Room Use Policy (PDF) and the Meeting Room Reservation Form (PDF).