Second Pressure Plane Phase 2

CIP FY 2022

Project Number: CB-2243

Funding Source: Water Utilities Capital

Location: Begins at Jennings Drive (end of Phase 1 Project) and extends north along Dub Wright, west along Military Drive, then north and ending at the top of Five Points Industrial Park at the Northwest Pump Station Site on Marigold Street.

Budget: $11,621,860

Type: Hydraulic and Capacity Construction

Start Date: 8/24/2022

Target Completion Date: 11/24/2023

Details: The project is primarily for construction of 23,500 linear feet of 30” water transmission line providing reliable water system operations based on system demands. This is to ensure water system reliability, redundancy and water quality. The project includes a water line, bores, valves, hydrants, and other needed items.

Status: Construction

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Last Project Update: 8/18/23

Project Contacts: 

  • Katherine Beeman, Project Manager 325-725-3415
  • Kent Hackworth, Project Inspector 325-725-3589
CIP Projects: Pressure Plane Phase 2