Honeybee Road Water Line Replacement

CIP FY 2023

Project Number: CB-2320

Funding Source: Water Utilities Capital

Location: Honeybee Drive off of Cove Road on Ft. Phantom Hill Lake

Budget: $823,696.00

Type: Water and Wastewater Line Improvements

Start Date: 04/24/2023

Target Completion Date: 10/02/2023

Details: This construction project is for the replacement of approximately 4,000 linear feet of 10” water line, fire hydrants, metered service connections and appurtenances along Honeybee Road in conjunction with the reconstruction of Honeybee Road.

Status: Construction

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Last Project Update: 8/18/23

Project Contacts: 

  • Katherine Beeman, Project Manager 325-725-3415
  • Kent Hackworth, Project Inspector 325-725-3589
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