Public Works

Accomplishments for 2023


  • Stormwater’s Integrated Street Sweeping Program was announced as a finalist for 2023 Governor’s Texas Environmental Excellence Award by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Stormwater employees swept more than 4,330 miles of streets to maintain infrastructure during the timeframe for the application.

Notable Metrics

  • Inspected construction of over $21 million of road projects.
  • Designed projects estimated at more than $11.5 million dollars.
  • Performed more than 145 individual plat and site plan reviews involved in residential and commercial development.
  • Reviewed, inspected, and accepted approximately $6 million dollars of public improvements in the City of Abilene’s right-of-way to include new streets, sidewalks, driveways and storm water detention facilities.
  • Administered floodplain management requirements within City Limits, which included reviewing more than 212 individual permits.
  • Managed sale of 16 City-owned unleased lots and 11 leased lots around Lake Fort Phantom.
  • Obtained 16 permanent sidewalk easements and 9 temporary construction easements for TxDOT & Union Pacific Railroad Crossing Upgrade Project.
  • Repainted or applied thermal treatment to 110 crosswalks at 12 elementary and 3 middle schools in Abilene Independent School District and at the Abilene Zoo to prioritize the safety of students and pedestrians.
  • Repainted public parking areas including:  Abilene’s Convention Center; Abilene Police Department; Abilene’s Senior Citizen Center at Oscar Rose Park; public parking lot adjacent to the new downtown hotel; and other public parking areas in and around downtown Abilene.
  • Applied more than 1,200 buttons and 320 reflectors to more than 6,600 feet of roadway at key locations to improve driver safety and visibility.  Locations include: Old Anson Road; Butternut Street; Hickory Street; Pine Street; and Chimney Rock Road. 
  • Installed and replaced 1,060 regulatory, warning, and street name markers throughout the City.  
  • Introduced yellow-flashing arrow feature and enhanced vehicle detection at numerous intersections across the City.  These upgrades are designed to improve traffic flow and ensure efficient travel through intersections.
  • Repaired more than 49,867 potholes across Abilene’s street and alley infrastructure.
  • Completed 116,695 square feet of patching repairs to Abilene’s street and alley infrastructure.
  • Maintained 6,449,951 square feet of alleyways throughout Abilene’s alley network.
  • Maintained 15 miles of creeks and mowed more than 7,730 acres of drainage area, enhancing the City of Abilene’s stormwater system and infrastructure.
  • Transported 129,607.80 tons of refuse from Abilene’s residential and commercial customers and recycled 845.93 tons of material throughout the year. 

Noteworthy Accomplishments/Projects

  • Adherence to City’s MS4 Permit
  • Implemented and complied with Abilene’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit conditions and Stormwater Management Program (SWMP):
    • Completed Comprehensive Compliance Investigation (CCI) conducted by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) with no alleged violations.
    • Effectively implemented Construction General Permit (CGP) and Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) inspections for compliance.
  • Implementation of Abilene’s Master Drainage Plan (AMDP)
    • Advertised design of Catclaw Creek Drainage Improvements between South 7th and South 11th Streets.  Held first public meeting on December 5, 2023, at Rose Park Activity Center.
    • Contributed to Texas’ Regional Flood Planning Group (RFPG) efforts steered by Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to create a Region 7 Upper Brazos - Regional Flood Plan (RFP).  All projects from the AMDP referenced in the RFP.
    • Conducted Flood Management Evaluations (FMEs) on two flood-prone capital drainage improvement projects from AMDP:  (i.) C-2 Buttonwillow Creek Crossing Project and (ii.)  S-6 Treadaway and South 27th Street Culvert Project.  Solutions submitted to the State.

Other projects and actions include: 

  • Completed a study which estimated Stormwater Event Mean Concentrations and Seasonal Pollutant Loadings as required by the City’s MS4 permit. 
  • Stormwater Services applied and competed nationally for two (2) major grants:  Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA).  Abilene’s FMA application was one of 38 applications across the State selected by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for further review and competition.  
  • Finalized a FEMA Community Assistance Visit (CAV) focused on floodway management topics across the City.  This CAV addressed processes and floodway management techniques for the future of Abilene.
  • Managed the following real estate actions:
    • Purchased property at 1102 Beltway South for new Fire Station #9.
    • Sold 22.53 acres of land north of Lake Fort Phantom to TxDOT for appropriate right-of-way to relocate FM 1082 and construct a new bridge north of Lake Fort Phantom’s dam.
    • Purchased property at 810 North 6th Street for future City of Abilene utilization.
  • Renovated Abilene Recycle Center (ABC) on Oak Street for improved customer service.
  • Produced public education information videos targeting recycling, stormwater and solid waste disposal topics.
  • Renewed Inter-Governmental Service Agreement (IGSA) between the City of Abilene and Dyess Air Force Base for refuse removal service, strengthening relations between Abilene and Department of Defense.
  • Completed 188 cubic yard concrete drainage project on Arlington Ave, modifying drainage around cul de sac to increase flow of stormwater and reduce flooding issues.
  • Installed 8 handicap ramps at the intersection of S 14 th Street and Ross Ave, allowing increased accessibility for pedestrians.
  • Performed critical street maintenance at high-traffic portion of Catclaw Drive.  Milled and replaced 4,510 square feet of failing pavement to avoid total replacement of roadway.
  • Designed and constructed new ramp at Abilene Brush Center, allowing citizens improved access to refuse containers from vehicles and trailers. The ramp consists of 36 concrete blocks and 100 yards of cement-stabilized base.  
  • Installed 1,710 square foot concrete flume across South 14th Street near Tanglewood, eliminating continuous pothole patching and providing a smooth driving surface while allowing efficient movement of stormwater across South 14th Street.