Water Utilities

Accomplishments for 2023

Capital Improvement Projects

Note: Some of the items listed are carry-over projects initiated in prior fiscal years.

  • Lake Fort Phantom Hill Pump Station Improvements. Started in 2021, but completed in early 2023, partly due to delays associated with COVID-19. The project included the installation of new replacement variable frequency drive units for four pumps, associated building and HVAC improvements, new electrical wiring and controls, and the rebuilding of two of the four pumps. The final project cost is $1,963,871. 
  • Huckleberry Lift Station Replacement. Started in Fiscal Year 22 and was substantially completed in Fiscal Year 23. The project is the construction of a replacement sewer lift station including new pumps and controls, odor control, and a backup generator. The final project cost is $1,061,300. 
  • Possum Kingdom Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Line. Phase 1 was started in FY22 and was completed in FY23. The project is the installation of approximately 12,000 feet of pre-purchased 12-inch diameter pipeline and the installation of a discharge manifold in Possum Kingdom Reservoir for the discharge of RO Concentrate produced by the Possum Kingdom Raw Water Roughing Facility located in Breckenridge. The final cost of the project is $2,475,058.75 
  • EN 10th & Maple South Water Utilities Relocation. Started in FY22 and completed in FY23. The project is the relocation of aged sewer mains and water mains required for a pending street improvements project. The final cost of the project is $2,431,691.91.
  • Second Pressure Plane Water Line Improvements. Phase 2 of this Project was started in late FY22 and was substantially completed in FY23. The project is the installation of approximately 24,200 feet of 30-inch pipeline beginning at Jennings Drive and continuing north and west to the Five Points Business Park. The project bid award is valued at $11,621,860.00.
  • Northeast Water Treatment Plant SCADA Improvements. Started in FY22 and completed in FY23. The project is the installation of new replacement Programmable Logic Controllers and related electrical and control conduit and wiring, along with developing SCADA system programming for plant and system control by plant operators. The final cost of the project is $772,966. 
  • Honeybee Drive Water Line Replacement. Started in FY23 and is nearing completion in early FY24. The project is for the relocation of an existing water pipeline and the associated water meters to match with newly surveyed lot lines and the realignment of Honeybee Road. The project bid award is valued at $823,696.
  • Hamby Water Reclamation Facility Improvements Phase II MBR Expansion. Started in early FY23 and is well underway. The project is for the installation of additional Membrane Bioreactor units and related equipment, and electrical upgrades, to build out the remaining cell capacity of the original Hamby Water Reclamation Facility Renovation Project. The project bid award is valued at $6,830,870. 

Customer Service Center

  • The Customer Service Center started a project for the conversion to Tyler Munis ERP utility billing software in FY23. The software conversion is a major upgrade from the existing Incode V9 billing software, resulting in an enterprise system compatible with the City’s financial accounting system that will improve utility billing, support mobile service orders, and provide customer notification capabilities.

Water Production

  • Received training and resolved control issues with Phantom Pump Station upgrade.(Part of above CIP project) 
  • Worked with IT to initialize a plan for backups of critical SCADA components resulting in the City’s IT team installing backup components for the Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant SCADA Servers.
  • Contractor repaired and modified Ivie Intake Pump #1.
  • Contractor repaired Grimes Water Treatment Plant HS Pump #7.
  • Contractor pulled and transported Grimes Water Treatment Plant HS #6 off for repair.
  • Contractor replaced Northeast Water Treatment Plant basement valve and pulled and transported HS pump #4 for repair.
  • Contractor repaired Dyess Reuse Pump Station pump #1.
  • Staff repaired Northeast Water Treatment Plant HS pump #5.
  • Staff replaced Northeast Water Treatment Plant clarifier sludge pump #2.
  • Staff repaired multiple leaks on Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant CLO2 feed line.
  • Contractor pulled and transported Hargesheimer WTP HS pump #2 off for repair.
  • Staff addressed items identified in the TCEQ Comprehensive Compliance Investigation.

Water Treatment

  • Treated 8,658.080 Million Gallons of raw water in Fiscal Year 2023.
  • In the same period, produced 8,028.573 Million Gallons of treated water.
  • Staff replaced the Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant PALL Microfiltration Membranes.
  • Staff replaced the Hargesheimer Water Treatment Plant Reverse Osmosis Membranes.

Water Distribution

  • Staff completed the Cedar Crest Aerial sewer main.
  • Reimplemented a valve exercising program, and have exercised 2,483 valves to date.
  • Inspected 33,601 meter connections for Lead and Copper materials as part of the Federal Revised Lead and Copper Rule.
  • Repaired 705 water main, service line, and meter leaks.
  • Inspected and exercised 857 Fire Hydrants, which exceeded the goal of 750 units per year.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Inspected 100% of the known grease traps located within the City of Abilene. representing the first time in many years that 100% of the grease traps were inspected.
  • Cleaned 865,064 linear feet (163.8 miles) of sewer mains.
  • Inspected 955 manholes, which exceeded the goal of 875 units per year.
  • The above grease trap inspections and sewer main cleaning was a significant contributor to having 8 fewer Sanitary Sewer Overflows in FY23, compared to FY22.

Wastewater Treatment

  • The Hamby Water Reclamation Facility realized a 20% increase in eligible operators obtaining and holding B or higher wastewater licenses.
  • Staff replaced the fine bubble diffusers in two of the Hamby Water Reclamation Facility aeration basins.
  • Provided reuse customers with 473 million gallons of Type 1 reclaimed effluent for landscape and golf course irrigation uses.
  • Discharged over 1.788 billion gallons of advanced treated effluent into Lake Fort Phantom Hill as part of the Indirect Potable Reuse Program.

Environmental Lab

  • Replaced Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer and two Ion Chromatographs.  All instruments were more than 12 years old.
  • Successfully retained accreditation through National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Programs and two Drinking Water certifications.
  • Gained 7Water and Wastewater licenses.
  • Completed a TNI Audit.
  • Completed our Lead-Copper analysis of the system.  The City’s 90th percentile of 1.6 parts per billion lead is well under the national maximum of 15 parts per billion.