Street Projects

The City of Abilene is working to invest millions of dollars into our streets, through funding sources including the Street Maintenance Fee, the Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA), bonds, and other funding.

2023 Projects Under Construction

ProjectFunding Source
Honey Bee Re-alignmentFort Phantom Lot Sales Funding
Maple (Carriage Hills to Loop 322)2021 Bond
N 6th St & Cypress St ImprovementsStreet Maintenance Fee
N/EN 10th Improvements (Treadaway to Judge Ely)2021 Bond/DCOA
Five Points Roadway Improvements (Fulwiler Rd & Marigold St)DCOA

2023 Projects In Design - Proposed for Construction

ProjectFunding Source
Work Zone N2A & N2B (PDF)
Street Maintenance Fee
Work Zone S9CStreet Maintenance Fee
Work Zone S11B (PDF)
Street Maintenance Fee
Work Zone S5Street Maintenance Fee
Work Zone S13Street Maintenance Fee
EN 10th (Judge Ely to Loop 322)2021 Bond/DCOA
N 5th Two-Way ConversionTBD
Maple (Loop 322 to ES 11th)2021 Bond
S Willis St @ S 7th IntersectionStreet Maintenance Fee
Pine St @ N 10th IntersectionStreet Maintenance Fee
N 18th St @ Kirkwood St IntersectionStreet Maintenance Fee
N 14th St @ Westwood Dr IntersectionStreet Maintenance Fee
S 14th Walkability Project (Sidewalks, Pedestrian Bridges)TxDOT
S 27th Improvements (S Danville to Barrow St)Street Maintenance Fee/DCOA
S9D Projects (PDF)Street Maintenance Fee
S11C Projects (PDF)Street Maintenance Fee
N15A Projects (PDF)Street Maintenance Fee
S25 Projects (PDF)Street Maintenance Fee

Street Department Work Zone Map

This is a map of Abilene divided into work zones used by the City's Street Department