Capital Improvement Program

The citizens of Abilene receive services from the City of Abilene facilities that exist because of the foresight and planning of previous generations of citizens, officials, and staff. The Capital Improvements Program is tasked with making sure that the current generation of citizens, officials, and staff continue to demonstrate the same foresight and planning for our future generations.

The Capital Improvements Program consists of an annual Capital Improvements Budget as well as the City's Bond Program.

Capital Improvements Budget

The Capital Improvements Budget is a 5-Year Planning Budget to address the ongoing capital needs of the various Departments of the City. It provides a transparent, accountable mechanism for planning future capital investment needs. Projects that are included in the Capital Improvements Program typically include:

  • Purchase of major capital equipment necessary to the critical operations of the City.
  • Acquisition of land and other real property.
  • Major renovations and improvements of existing buildings and facilities.
  • Studies and Master Plan development that creates strategic investment priorities for the various City Departments and activities.

Bond Program

The City's Bond Program is an ongoing mechanism for City officials and staff to develop plans for the expansion of City Services and/or construction of new City facilities. These plans are then presented to Council appointed committees for consideration and presentation to the voters in the form of Bond Elections. Projects and Propositions that are approved by the voters are then executed by the Capital Improvements Department.