Citations & Warrants

Citation Information

Remember, if you were issued a citation, you have 10 days to appear from the date of the citation. Failure to appear will result in a warrant being issued and additional fees being added to the fine amount. If you forgot, don't panic, contact Municipal Court at 325-676-6333 as soon as possible and a court clerk will assist you.

Citations can be taken care of:

  • By filling out the back of your citation and mailing it in
  • In person at Municipal Court:
    4575 S 1st Street
    Abilene, TX 79605
  • Online

Warrant Information

Warrant Types:

  • An Alias Warrant is when the Defendant fails to make an appearance.
  • A Capias Warrant is when the Defendant has a guilty judgment and fails to follow the court order.

Search for an active warrant.


Notice: A $50 fee will be added to each citation that goes into a warrant pending status for Fail to Appear. An additional $50 will be added once the citation goes into warrant status.

If you feel the warrant information is incorrect or you have further questions about a warrant, contact the City of Abilene Municipal Court Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm at 325-676-6333.

Contesting a Citation

If you device to plea Not Guilty, you will be scheduled for a Pre-Trial meeting with a prosecuting attorney. At the meeting you can choose to represent yourself (Pro se defendant) or you can hire an attorney to represent you. You can discuss your case with the City Attorney for a possible resolution or set the case for trial.

For more information, contact Municipal Court at 325-676-6333 or visit us in person at:
4575 S 1st Street
Abilene, TX 79605