Environmental Health

The role of Environmental Health is to develop and promote measures that modify or control factors that cause illness, injury, or discomfort to people.

Neighborhood Public Health Concerns

The City of Abilene's Nuisance Ordinance is partially enforced by Environmental Health, addressing concerns of public health significance, such as broken sewer lines and stagnant pools of water that provide hatching sites for mosquitoes. Citizens can call or use SeeClickFix to submit a complaint about these issues.


  • Repair broken sewer lines immediately. Standing sewage is considered a significant public health hazard.
  • Do not allow water to collect on your property. Old tires, flower pots, pet watering dishes, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, and wading pools can hold water long enough to become breeding sites for mosquitoes. Get rid of your old tires and any other junk item that holds water. Empty flower pots, watering dishes, birdbaths, and wading pools regularly and refill with fresh water. Be sure that your rain gutters are not clogged and holding water.