Inspection Services

Inspections Services works to provide expertise and oversight in the expansion and maintenance of city infrastructure.

The Inspection Services Division has two construction inspectors responsible for oversight on project contracts let to private vendors. Inspectors can be contacted at 325-676-6077.

Permits, Rules & Regulations

Driveway Approach - Sidewalk - Curb & Gutter

  • There may be special provisions governing whether or not a driveway approach is allowed in specific locations, particularly in commercial areas. Check with a representative in the Design Services Division of Public Works before requesting a permit. (See Attachment Number 1 for an example of the required permit form. This permit is obtained from the Design Services office after a Street Contractor's Bond has been submitted.)
  • The Owner/Contractor must provide the City of Abilene with a Street Contractor's Bond in the amount of $1,000 in order to obtain a permit. The bond can be obtained from most insurance companies and must expire December 31 of the current year. Refer to Attachment Number 2 for required format of the Street Contractor's Bond.(Note: this is not the same as a Contractor's Bond!)
  • See Attachments 3, 3A and 3B for approach, sidewalk and curb and gutter construction standards.
  • Important - Before placing concrete, all concrete forms must be inspected and approved by Inspection Services Division.
  • Call Inspection Services at 676-6311 to schedule an inspection. Call by 3 pm for an inspection on the morning of the next day. Call by 10 am for same day, afternoon inspections.
  • If all City standards have been met, a blue inspection form will be placed on the forms.
  • If standards are not met, a yellow correction notice will be placed on the forms. After owner/contractor has made corrections, another inspection is required (no charge). All inspections thereafter for the same problem will have a re-inspection fee of $25.


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