Water Distribution

The water distribution system provides economical and compatible facilities that are capable of furnishing sufficient water at suitable pressures. The system consists of:

  • 3 ground storage tanks
  • 5 pumping stations
  • 6 elevated storage tanks
  • Almost 934 miles of underground water mains
  • Over 13,585 valves
  • Over 3,263 fire hydrants
  • Over 40,000 meters

After the water is processed at the treatment plants and tested for purity, it is stored in ground and elevated storage tanks or pumped into the water distribution system. The distribution network is laid out in a continuous looped system to circulate water and maintain constant system pressure.

  1. Storage Tanks
  2. Distribution System

The City of Abilene stores water in the distribution system in the following structures:

  • Industrial Park - 4.5 million gallon semi-elevated tank
  • Kirby Pump Station - 2 million gallon ground storage tank
  • Maple St. Pump Station - 2 million gallon ground storage tank
  • Buffalo Gap Road - 1 million gallon elevated tank
  • South 19th and Highland - 1.5 million gallon elevated tank
  • Hartford Street - 2 million gallon elevated tank
  • Elmdale - 0.5 million gallon elevated tank
  • FM 707 - 0.75 million gallon elevated tank
  • French Robertson Prison - 0.3 million gallon elevated tank
  • Tye - 0.25 million gallon elevated tank

The combined capacity of these storage tanks is 14.8 million gallons. The pressure on the distribution system remains fairly constant, around 50 pounds per square inch, as a result of the elevated storage and looped distribution network. Pumping stations are located strategically throughout the system to pump water, maintain uniform pressure levels and control storage tank levels.

Abilene Water Tower