Stormwater Maintenance

The City of Abilene Stormwater Utility Division performs maintenance on creeks and drainage ways throughout the City of Abilene. The Division's goal is to reduce potential for flooding by removing vegetation, debris, and sediment that impedes the flow of water and may increase the possibility of flooding. The Division will strive to ensure that the stormwater runoff that reaches our lakes and drinking water supply is of the highest quality.

The Stormwater Utility Division will contact property owners to access the creeks or other water ways when an access point is not available through public property. The City will negotiate an agreement with the property owner through a "Private Property Use Agreement" to acquire temporary access. Once within the work area, the City will attempt to notify adjacent property owners along the creek that maintenance will be performed in the given area. However, the City is not obligated to notify property owners as long as the maintenance work being conducted is within the high water mark (normal flow area) of the creek.