Under Assistant Chief Craig Jordan

The mission of the Investigations Unit is to aid in the Police Department's overall mission by providing quality, professional, and ethical criminal investigations and crime victim services.

The Abilene/Taylor County Child Advocacy Center and the Crime Victim Advocate fall directly under the Assistant Chief of Police over Investigations.

Investigations also include the Major Investigations Bureau (MIB) that houses the Persons, Forensics, Property, Fraud Units, and Narcotics and Auto Crimes. Investigations also include the Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) that houses the Youth, Cyber Crimes, School Resource Officers (SRO), Special Victims Unit, Sex Offender Registry, and Safety City.

CAC2The mission of the Abilene/Taylor County Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is to work together with our community to promote hope and healing for child abuse victims and provide support for non-offending caregivers. 


CAC services include:

  • Forensic interviews of children
  • A multi-disciplinary team approach to investigations
  • Family advocacy
  • Referrals for professional counseling and other community services
  • Assistance with crime victim compensation

A Safe Environment

The CAC provides a safe, family-friendly environment where children are given the opportunity to tell their stories. A forensic interview is an interview where the goal is to obtain detailed facts from children. The interview is conducted by a trained, unbiased interviewer who uses a strictly governed questioning format. The interview is recorded on a DVD and can be observed via closed-circuit television by investigative professionals. The recorded interview stands as the child's statement regarding the offense.

Cooperative Joint Investigations

The CAC is an interagency, multidisciplinary program, and the purpose of all Child Advocacy Centers across the country is to facilitate cooperative joint investigations of child abuse cases, essentially bringing all of the various multidisciplinary team members together simultaneously so that the best possible investigation can be done with the least negative impact upon the child and the family. If you suspect child abuse or neglect, you are required by law to report it by calling the Statewide Child Abuse Hotline at 800-252-5400. To learn more about the Child Advocacy Center and specifics about child abuse, please visit