Special Operations

The Special Operations Division of the Abilene Police is responsible for identifying illegal narcotics distribution sources affecting Abilene and to make a positive impact upon local illicit drug trafficking, as well as controlled and illegal drug abusers, to decrease the availability of controlled substances within the community. 


The Special Operations Division has a K-9 program to augment narcotic detection and enforcement efforts. In addition, the Special Operations Division is responsible for investigating vice related crimes such as gambling and prostitution. The Special Operations Division identifies career criminals, repeat offenders, patterns of organized violence, and employs proactive methods to reduce criminal activity.

Our Commitment

The Special Operations Division is committed to the citizens of Abilene to help provide a safe community in which to live and work. We can accomplish this only by working together. If you have or suspect a drug problem or on-going vice activity in your neighborhood, you may call us at 325-676-6650. All information is confidential. You don't have to feel like a victim. We need your help.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of the paraphernalia the Special Operations Division has recovered by visiting our photo gallery.