Support Services - Under Assistant Chief Wrenn

The mission of the Support Services Unit is to aid in the Police Department's overall mission by providing quality, professional, and ethical support services to the Department. This Unit

The Real Time Information Center (RTIC) falls directly under the Assistant Chief of Police over Support Services. This center will utilize technology to help fight crime by having a network of cameras in strategic downtown locations and intersections throughout the City. The center will be housed in the Dispatch area of the Abilene Police Department.

Support Services also include the Divisions of Traffic, Training, Communications, Records & Property and Evidence, and the Units of Bike, SWAT, Mounted Patrol, the Honor Guard, Facilities, Technology, and the Surveillance Apprehension and Tactics Team (SATT)

The Real-Time Information Center (RTIC) is an intelligence/crime reduction / public safety strategy that incorporates cameras and analytics to provide real-time information to officers in the field. It serves as a crime deterrent in areas of deployment and provides critical information typically not provided by calling parties.

The goal of the RTIC will be to provide relevant, real-time information to officers engaged in high-risk calls for service as the situation develops. To provide the Department accurate information to improve overall situational awareness, enable officers to make better, more informed decisions, and improve officer safety.

The center will be housed in the Dispatch Center of the Police Department and will utilize a network of cameras around the City to help with accurate and up-to-date information for officers.