Uniform Services

  1. Bike Unit

Bike Unit OfficersThe Bike Unit was formed in 1995 and currently consists of 1 Lieutenant and 18 Officers. The Bike Unit works civic events, directive patrol and patrols the downtown area. You may see the Bike Unit working any one of the many civic events hosted in the Abilene area including parades, West Texas Fair and Rodeo, and monthly at the downtown "Art Walk." 


The Bike Unit may be deployed in a directive patrol anywhere an identified problem exist, such as an area of town experiencing a rash of burglaries or in the mall area during the holiday season in an attempt to prevent motor-vehicle burglaries. Patrolling via bikes has proven to be very successful and a valuable public relations tool. One of the great things about policing on bikes is that Officers can be highly visible when needed or extremely stealthy, too.

  1. Bomb Squad
  1. SWAT
  1. Patrol
  1. Traffic Division