Fixed-Route Service

What is CityLink's Fixed-Route Service?

Fixed-route bus service is CityLink's core service. In this service, ADA compliant transit buses are operated over an established route structure on a fixed schedule. There are 13 routes (7 weekday and 6 Saturday routes) on the CityLink route system. These routes are arranged on a 'pulse' system, meaning all but one route (Route S30 - Crosstown) departs and arrives from the Downtown Transfer Station at 1189 S 2nd Street.

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Transfer to Additional Services

  • Passengers can transfer to the On-Call Services Zones on 2 weekday routes:
    • On-Call East Service Zone: Abilene Zoo stop on Route 3
    • On-Call South Service Zone: Mall of Abilene stop on Route 6
  • Passengers can transfer to the ZipZone for trips in south eastern Abilene on Route 12

Accessible Fixed-Route Bus Service

  • All CityLink buses are accessible to persons with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs, three-wheeled scooters and other similar mobility devices.
  • CityLink drivers announce stops at major transfer points, major intersections, major destination locations, and any other stop along the route as requested by passengers. Requests for a specific location to be announced by the driver should be made when boarding the bus.
  • CityLink drivers will provide assistance to passengers in transferring from one bus to another in the CityLink Station. If such assistance is needed, passengers should notify the driver when boarding the bus.
  • CityLink can provide assistance to persons with a disability who may have difficulty identifying the correct bus at a location where more than one bus will be passing. If such assistance is needed, may call the CityLink office prior to the trip and inform the Information Teller or Dispatcher of the boarding location and the desired bus. The driver of the bus will be alerted to the passenger's needs.
  • CityLink has a teletypewriter (TTY) for communicating with persons with hearing impairments. There must be a TTY machine at the phone from which one is calling in order to access the CityLink TTY machine. The phone number for the TTY is (800) 736-2989.
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