Passenger Rules & Policies

Prohibited items for the CityLinks bus

  1. Riding Tips
  2. Passenger Conduct
  3. Safety Precautions
  4. Bike Rack Policy

Riding Tips

  1. Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early. Designated stops are identified by CityLink bus stop signs. These are the boarding points, as the placement of the bus stops are based on route timing and the safety of the location.
  2. Make sure the vehicle comes to a complete stop and allow exiting passengers to leave the bus.
  3. Before boarding the bus, it is important to identify the route number and name to ensure it is going to the proper destination. The destination sign is located above the windshield of the bus and to the left of the front door. If in doubt, ask the driver.
  4. Have your pass or the exact change for your fare ready before the bus arrives. Deposit the exact change in the farebox or swipe your pass before you take a seat. Bus drivers do not carry change. If you do not have correct change, you will need to deposit your dollar bill in the dollar slot of the farebox.
  5. Ask the driver for a transfer if your destination requires you to ride more than one bus. This transfer is valid for up to one hour after the driver issues it. Give the transfer to the driver of the second bus you board.
  6. When the bus is approximately a block away from your stop, pull the signal cord located above the window or verbally inform the driver. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  7. Once you exit the bus, it is recommended you wait until the bus has completely pulled away before attempting to cross the street. Do not attempt to cross in front of or behind a standing vehicle.