Commercial Fees

The street maintenance fee for the nonresidential property shall be charged monthly to a utility customer within the city limits, or to the person or entity responsible for the Municipal Account Statement for such lot, unit, tract, or parcel used for a nonresidential purpose. The monthly fee for the nonresidential property is determined by its base trip rate range using the Trip Factor Index.

The following mathematical formula shall be used to determine the base trip rating for the street maintenance fee program:

  • Base Trip Rate = (Unit of Measure X Trip Factor) ÷ 2

Base Trip Rates are calculated to the nearest hundredths of a decimal point, and are not rounded up.


  • A 2,500 square foot general office has a Trip Factor of 11.03 per 1,000 square feet of building area. In this example, the general office would have a Base Trip Rating of 13.78. [(2,500 square feet ÷ 1,000) X 11.03 ÷ 2 = 13.78]. This general office would be charged Rate Code C2.
  • A Gas Service Station, with a Market has 24 fueling stations, and has a Trip Factor of 162.78. In this example, the gas station would have a Base Trip Rating of 1,953.36. [(24 X 162.78) ÷ 2 = 1953.36]. This gas station would be charged Rate Code C6.

Street Maintenance Fee Schedule

  • LM1: low-moderate income
  • MF: multifamily
  • R1: single-family residence


Rate CodeRateMultiplier
R1$6.75Per Non-Irrigation Meter
MF$6.00Per Dwelling Unit
LM1$1.75Per Non-Irrigation Meter


Rate CodeRateBase Trip Rate
C1$25.000.00 to 4.99
C2$35.005.00 to 14.99
C3$45.0015.00 to 49.99
C4$55.0050.00 to 199.99
C5$65.00200.00 to 999.99
C6$75.001,000 or greater