About the City

Core Purpose

We work together to build and maintain a community of the highest quality for present and future generations.


  • Consistently doing what is necessary, expected, and required, and when able to do so, exceeding expectations
  • Demonstrating through our actions that we hold ourselves and our citizens in high enough regard to do what we say we will do, in the timeframe we commit to
  • Recognizing that everyone has dignity and deserves helpful, courteous, and prompt attention


  • Consistently adhering to high professional and ethical standards
  • Keeping commitments to our citizens, co-workers, and others
  • Possessing an unwavering commitment to do the right things right

Service Above Self

  • Being open and approachable to council members, citizens, and our fellow employees at all times
  • Finding ways to say yes
  • Fostering a servant's heart in ourselves and each other by conscientiously doing what is best for the community in all cases
  • Helping to make our citizens' lives better
  • Passionately committed to serving others
  • Treating our customers like we would like to be treated

Excellence in All We Do

  • Communicating regularly and honestly with council members, citizens, and employees
  • Delivering on promises made, taking personal responsibility for achieving community-minded goals
  • Having a can-do attitude
  • Leading by example, recognizing the importance of working together to meet everyone's needs, treating everyone with courtesy, dignity, and respect
  • Sharing resources and information freely