Proposition 6: Aquatics Center

Abilene Bond Program Completion StampA total of $6,000,000 of the 2015 bond package was used to fund a full renovation of Rose Park Pool. Abilene's new aquatic center, Adventure Cove, opened at Rose Park in June 2017, and includes:

  • Covered patio
  • Lazy river
  • Bathhouse
  • Pair of water slides (a third water slide was added in 2019)
  • Party pavilion
  • Zero-depth beach entry

The center has been designed with the future in mind, providing space to eventually add features and expand the lazy river. To date, Adventure Cove has been a hit; during the summer of 2019 alone, it had approximately 50,000 visitors!

Learn more about Adventure Cove, including park hours and admissions information, by clicking here.




Completed June 2017

StatusDateDetailsTarget Completion
CompletedJune 15, 2017Grand Opening of Adventure Cove!N/A
Under ConstructionMay 2017Construction continues. Aquatic Center is named "Adventure Cove."June 2017
Under ConstructionAugust 2016Aquatic Center groundbreaking. Demolition begins of Rose Pool to make way for Aquatic Center construction.N/A
Bid AwardedSpring 2016The Construction Contract has been awarded to the local firm W.B. Kibler. Construction is scheduled to begin in August 2016.N/A
Design ProcessSpring 2016The Design Contract for this project was awarded to Eikon Consultant Group.N/A

In-Progress Photos

Check out photos of the project in progress by viewing our Adventure Cove Progress Photo Gallery.

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