Learn More About Lib-Con

Lib-Con Attendees dressed as Rey, Luke Skywalker, and a Stormtrooper from Star WarsHow Lib-Con Started

Conventions celebrating comics, anime, movies, and fandom are hugely popular. They allow us to feel comfortable to "geek" out and share our love of pop culture with others. Library staff also love these conventions and created a local mini-convention to connect our community with wonderful activities. Started by librarian Ann Mount, Lib-Con made its debut in 2014 and continues to grow each year.

A Family Talking to a VendorGoals of Lib-Con

We want to provide everyone with a fun experience and celebrate the inner geek in us all. This event is a way for enthusiasts, and others who may be interested, to gather and engage in a number of activities. Come out, have fun, meet new people, and spend time with family and friends. All in all, help build the love for anime, manga, fandoms, and more in Abilene.

Kids Holding Foam Light Sabers in a Model Landspeeder Vehicle from Star WarsConnecting the Community

Major conventions can be too far or costly to attend. Your library is connecting you with the features of a convention on a smaller scale. With a variety of activities hosted, we encourage everyone to come out and join us. Even if you’re unfamiliar with what Lib-Con is all about, attending our events will offer you a great opportunity to change that.

Vendor Selling Rainbow Furry TailsPartnerships with Businesses & Local Organizations

Lib-Con offers great partnerships with local businesses and organizations. From gaming exhibitors to those selling collectibles, there’s a host of great stations to visit each year. Bring a little extra cash and find some great deals at your library. If you’re interested in participating as an exhibitor, be sure to visit our Vendors page for details and information on how to register.

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