Lib-Con Events & Programs

Below you will find a listing of events and activities that are typical at Lib-Con.  It will provide you with a general idea of some things to expect while we work on 2022's lineup.  This page will be updated once we finalize activities.

Lib-Con Bulb Baby Pin 2022 02Cosplay Chess

The Saturday prior to Lib-Con, we’ll host an interactive Cosplay Chess event.  Popular each year, guests are invited to come dressed in as their favorite characters who then become pieces on a chess board.  Two local students who play chess will take to the board and command where the pieces will move.  If you’re defeated, you’ll have a takedown pose off before leaving the game board.  Which team will be the victor.

Second Players Performance

Former known as Durian Grey, the Second Players troupe from the DFW area will be making their third appearance at Lib-Con.  These talented actors will be on hand to provide an interactive program for registered guests that always fills up quickly.  We’ll open up the registration process as we get closer to Lib-Con so check back.

Digital Education Technology Club from Abilene Christian University

Making their first appearance at Lib-Con, students from ACU will come with their equipment to teach guests how they can make items in virtual reality, and then use their equipment to see those items in the VR world.  We love technology at the library and this will certainly be an eye-opening event to attend.

ATEMS Robotics Team Demonstrations

Students with an interest in careers in technology, engineering, science, and math will be present at Lib-Con to provide live demonstrations on their robotics teams.  As a magnet school for AISD, these talented students will show you what they’ve accomplished with their combined efforts in technology and engineering.  

Bulb Baby Crochet Creations

Much like Baby Yoda, the Bulb Baby has become a surprise and popular secondary mascot for Lib-Con this year.  These adorable bulbs with tiny legs have appeared everywhere, and if you’re into crochet, we’ll host a program to show you just how you can make your own.  You won’t want to miss out on having one for yourself.

Zelda Fans Figuring out the Hyrule Escape RoomEscape Room Challenges

If solving riddles and puzzles are your thing, you’re in luck as we’ll certainly have more Escape Room fun to present to you at Lib-Con this year.  We always fill up on groups itching to participate in each locations different Escape Rooms so be sure to gather up your team and come prepared to see who can escape the room the fastest.

Dungeons & Dragons Gaming & Character Creations

Having been a popular game in the 70’s and 80’s, we’ve seen an even new surge of players of this role-playing game as popularized on the hit show "Stranger Things."  Players of all skill levels are invited to join in on the fun as there will be gaming and character creations sessions for all enthusiasts.

Craft Sessions for All Ages

We’re always big on crafts at your library, and there will be no shortage of crafting opportunities for all ages to enjoy.  We’ll supply the materials, you bring the crafting hands, and make all that you can during Lib-Con.

Exhibitors & Vendors

Don’t pass up on visiting the vendors present at Lib-Con during the final day of the event on Saturday.  They’ll be on hand with their merchandise, so bring some cash and be on the hunt for your next collectible item you didn’t even know you needed.