Itinerant Business Permit Application

Itinerant Business Permit

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Itinerant businesses were recently reviewed by the City Council and now must obtain an Itinerant Business Permit. This will apply to the establishment of any business on a temporary basis where the business does not occur in a permanent structure, in a structure for which a temporary permit has been obtained, or in association with another temporary use such as a carnival, fair, parade or festival. The term further does not apply to garage sales in residential zoning districts, businesses that are operated or owned by the same person or entity that owns the property, or businesses that hold a lease term on the property of at least one year. Businesses must meet the following criteria in order to apply:

  • Any tent, trailer or other structure housing the itinerant business must be set back a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines.
  • The approved permit must be available for inspection at the business premises at all times that the business is operating.
  • Businesses with food items must have written approval of the Health Department. This approval shall appear on the Itinerant Business permit.
  • The following businesses shall be prohibited from obtaining an itinerant business permit:
    • Adult Entertainment as defined by this ordinance
    • Sales of alcoholic beverages
    • Sales of knives, firearms or other weapons
    • Sales of live animals
  • The itinerant business must be located on property that is zoned to allow the activity as identified in Section 23-306.4 of this ordinance.
  • The itinerant business must have the written permission of the property owner.
  • Nothing related to the itinerant business (including but not limited to signs, inventory, parking, storage, tents) may occur in or be placed in any of the following areas:
    • Any area deemed a hazard to the general public health, safety, or welfare by any official of the City of Abilene or any other Governmental agency
    • Drainage Easement
    • Fire lane
    • The vision clearance triangle
  • A permit is not required for non-profit entities that possess a current City of Abilene Solicitation Permit.
  • A permit must be obtained, with exceptions listed in (d) below. No more than one itinerant business may be on a property at one time. No parcel may have an itinerant business on site for more than 36 days in a calendar year. The 36 days may be used at one time or may be divided in any way. A permit for an itinerant business does not take the place of other approvals or permits that may be required by other City departments or governmental agencies, e.g. Fire Department, Health Department, etc. The permit must include all of the following information:
    • Address of the property where the activity will take place
    • Applicable fee: The fees and charges for services furnished by the City shall be determined from time to time and placed on file in the Office of the City Secretary.
    • Complete description of the business activity
    • Dates and hours of operation
    • Health Department approval if applicable
    • Parkway width
    • Responsible party’s name, address and telephone number
    • Written proof of the property owner’s permission

Application Fee

Application fee: $100