Parents & Volunteers

If you ask any third grader what the highlight of their year was, 99% of them will tell you "Safety City." Safety City is a fun time for your child to apply the safety lessons they have learned in their classroom, in a safe environment. You are invited to come to Safety City. This opportunity allows you to observe what your child has learned, and therefore, reinforce the safety rules with your child once you are back at home.

While at Safety City your child will be participating in Fire Safety (instructed by the Abilene Fire Department) and Traffic Safety (instructed by the Abilene Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety).

We do ask for your help while you are at Safety City, therefore allowing for limited interaction with your child. During the traffic safety portion of the program, you will be stationed around the course to assist the children as they come through your intersection. You are welcome to view the fire safety house with your child during that portion of the program. However, cellphones are not allowed in the fire safety building during class. You are not allowed to bring any other children with you.

Things to Know

  • Every child is required to participate in the bicycle, pedestrian, and fire safety programs. The car course is optional.
  • Children who misbehave will not be allowed to drive a car and may be asked to leave the facility! 
  • Each child must have a parent/guardian sign a release form or they will NOT be allowed to board the bus to Safety City. All parent volunteers must sign a release form in order to be allowed inside Safety City.
  • We request that everyone wear tennis shoes (no high-heeled shoes, please) and that your daughter not wear ponytails in her hair so that the bicycle helmet fits properly. Cameras are encouraged!

If you have any questions regarding Safety City, please feel free to contact the Safety City Staff at (325) 676-6096.